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Inside Skinhead This article is about Thomas Leyden, and ex marine and ex neo-. He became involved when his parents got divorced. He was spending most of his time in the streets, directing his anger towards others. This was the start of his hating, which eventually lead to the direct hate of people with color. He recruited for the neo nazis, he would target individuals with a waved background; raciest, and government hates were the two most common. The neo Nazis numbers are increasing very quickly all over the country.

Thomas Leaden eventually left the neo nazis movement, because he saw his son growing up with more hatred, and violent oriented behavior he feared as soon as the black and other groups were eliminated, they would start eliminating people with brown eyes, black hair, and other genetic defects.

I'm glad Thomas Leaden was able to see the potential danger in this movement, I hope he will become an advocate against such groups. This is a good example of how much hatred exists in the world today. It is a shame that people are ignorant and as a result good innocent people are going to die.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 1999

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