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The online edition of the Fayetteville Observer reports today that Robeson County is planning its assessment activity. The City of Lumberton is the seat of Robeson County.

This is actually good news, because Robeson County might just be the most backward jurisdiction in the known universe. So if you want to see where the bell curve departs from the x-axis, drive around Robeson County.

An excerpt from the article:

"For the next two weeks, county officials will be checking the 14 departments to determine what equipment must be Y2K compliant, said Terry Buchanan, the countys computer operations director.

Buchanan said the most critical departments, such as ambulance service, water customer service and the Sheriffs Department, will be assessed first. Officials will eventually assess all 34 county departments.

The county will send letters to manufacturers to find out if equipment is Y2K compliant and what measures manufacturers will take to upgrade equipment that isnt compliant. . . . Buchanan said he hopes to have an accurate assessment of the countys needs within two months.

The committee also decided to have a public meeting to address citizens concerns about the millennium bug.

I think Y2K is something everybody is talking about, Buchanan said. It would be good for us to assure the public its a problem but its a problem were trying to solve.

-- Puddintame (, April 06, 1999


You're wrong in your assumption. Guess what?? Atlanta still has not awarded the replacement contract after fighting with their contractor. Most outside eval consultant work has stopped and the powers-that-be are still fighting over who gets the graft. At least your county is looking in the right direction.

-- Lobo (, April 07, 1999.

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