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Should we assign temporary email passwords for people who sign up through MEC's webpage or are passwords automatically assigned once the .csv file is uploaded? I noticed that there is a field for passwords in the database. If I assign a temp, would I insert it in this designated field- or do I have to fill out the "Add Yourself" form for each new participant?

Do people already on the sytem have a password? Do you have canned language on how these people can get their password?

Thanks- Joy

-- Anonymous, April 06, 1999



You can assign passwords at time of CSV upload.

People on the system don't have a password, after the first alert they can go to their personal workspace and assign one.

I don't have canned language per se. But when you log into the Action Network with your email it tells you "if you don't know your password please ask our server to email it to you" Granted if they have no password -as most MAP people- they'll receive and email that says your password is "".

However, when we send them an alert the provided link in the email they receive when clicked onto bypasses the password page and from there they can reach their personal workspace and adjust their password from blank to whatever.

What MAP can do is send a message to their activists - a spam message- letting them know about the new system, giving them instructions on where to log in and how to get to their workspace. I can show you how to send the message, you people would have to word it.

Ciao Azur

-- Anonymous, April 07, 1999

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