135 f 3.2 how to make minor adjustment

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I have just bought an f 3.2, 135 mm Hexanon and discovered that when set at infinity the movement of the aperture is slightly impaired, but enough that it overexposes. I suppose that the barrel moves inwards a little too far, and hits something related to the aperture mechanism. Can I get hints as to how to adjust the infinity setting?


Peter Ulvskov

-- Anonymous, April 06, 1999


135/3.2 infinity adjustment

I would be very reluctant to mess with the lens if my experience is at all typical. I recently bought a 135 f3.2 in near mint condition but noted a slightly rough feel to the focus ring motion so I thought I would open the lens and lubricate it. I have done this before without any problems with several old Yashica lenses.

To my surprise and dismay, with this particular lens, when I removed the focus ring and extended the lens to expose the helicoid so I could add the lubricant, the helicoid came apart unexpectedly. I have never been able to match the parts back up again properly. When I do get them to got back together, the alignment seem to be off and the lens will not focus beyond 10 or 15 feet! I how have a nice coversation piece instead of a usable lens!


-- Anonymous, May 15, 1999

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