Yugoslavia calls for cease-fire

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Clinton and NATO says "screw-you"...


-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous99.xxx), April 06, 1999


Guess those Apache helicopters and the MLRS are kinda scary, huh?????????????????

-- cant stop (not@yet.com), April 06, 1999.

For b. clinton to be afforded a "legacy", the bombing & troops into VietSlavia cannot stop now, even if it brings on WWIII. This is bill's war, his way or no way.

Will Chelsea C. be exempted from the draft when it returns(not meant to be a specious question btw)?

-- Mike T. (anita_martini@the.ranch), April 06, 1999.

unforunately blair has involved the brits who seem to want a fight (not me I hasten to add) Blair has brought first economic recession (40,000 per month rising unemployment) now war

-- dick of the dale (rdale@coynet.com), April 06, 1999.

Hey Dick,

What is driving the overall sentiment in the UK that has the Brits so ready to fight? I'd like to compare and contrast the kind of spin you're seeing with what we're seeing here in the U.S.

Mike ===================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), April 06, 1999.

Asian economy in the tank, Russia in the tank, South America ready to go, Europe weakening (economically); the reason U.S. economy is still here is all the "flight capital" from all over the world. What the banksters need now is a good war.

-- Ivan (ivan1776@aol.com), April 06, 1999.

Agreed Mike T.

This IS Clinton's war.

Whether this turns out to be Clinton's Waterloo is another speculation. I'd guess Clinton would bring the United States to ruin before he'd admit failure. Chances are he'll blame the Republicans and Ken Starr for the catastrophe, as Bill 'aint too good about admitting fault. But the Vietnam parrallels are FRIGHTENING.

Blair is a Liberal Blood-Brother to Clinton, so that explains why the Brits are on the warpath. this culture war is GLOBAL, not indiginous to the U.S.

Also, don't look for Clinton to make the announcement of re-instating the draft. Look for Cohen to do it. Clinton will say he stands by the Defense Dept's. recommendations. That's because Clinton announcing a draft will cause massive demonstrations, due to his exemplary service record in aiding and comforting the Commies in the 60's. Don't expect to see Slick get tangled in that one. He'll let his Cronies handle it the same way he let his lawyers handle the Monica/Paula thing.

We're just seeing the beginning of this thing folks. Wait until the Y2K related failures gives this tyrant MORE power than he already wields.

-Got bunkers?

-- INVAR (gundark@sw.net), April 06, 1999.

From MSNBC Today:

IN A CHILLING echo of Nazi atrocities, there are even reports that Serb police in the town took their bodies to a local factory where they burned their victims-men, women and children-in a makeshift crematorium. Local residents known to have connections with the West were singled out for killing.

Eyewitness accounts of atrocities from Suhareke suggest that Serbs operating there have been guilty of some of the worst atrocities in Europe since the second World War. The events in the town are to be made the focus of an intensive investigation of war crimes by police officers working for the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe.

Tuesday morning, taking shelter under makeshift plastic tents on waste ground near the center of Kukes in northern Albania, survivors of Suhareke vowed to return as they offered graphic eyewitness accounts of their nightmare flight to safety.

In the view of OSCE officials in Kukes, and of journalists who have been spending days interviewing them, these accounts are consistent and credible. Few of these refugees will have had an opportunity to compare notes or contrive stories. Many of them are peasants, others members of the educated class of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian community.

Their stories are told simply and without elaboration or apparent rehearsal. Together they offer a chilling portrait of the Kosovo killing fields in which Serbian forces first looted, then killed and finally burned their victims and their property.

10,000 TO 15,000 SLAIN The preliminary estimates of war crimes investigators who are starting to arrive here are that across Kosovo "at least" 10,000-15,000 people have been murdered by Serb soldiers and police in the past two weeks. The victims include entire families. The preliminary total, which officials fear could grow, is based on a compilation of eyewitness reports from across Kosovo, and deliberately excludes a mass of further evidence that is purely anecdotal.

"As we put all the reports together, the scale of crimes is immense, it is huge," said 1st Lt. Bjarke Therkildsen, a Danish army officer attached to the OSCE monitoring office in Northern Albania. "They are especially killing people who worked for western organizations in Kosovo including the OSCE, the United Nations, Red Cross and the former Kosovo Verification Mission."

In Suhareke, the Serbs offered a chilling demonstration of the contempt they feel for those in Kosovo who have connections with western aid and security organizations. The house in the town that had been rented by the OSCE was burned down and the family that owned it was robbed and slaughtered, according to witnesses interviewed by NBC News. The bodies were taken to a nearby factory and burned.

WAR CRIMES TEAM Last night, OSCE put all of its field offices in Albania on alert for the arrival of a team of 60 war crimes investigators who are to systematically interview refugees to document specific cases and attempt to identify the individuals responsible. The investigators include police officers and lawyers. They will be working both in the north of Albania and at refugee camps near Tirana, the capital.

The new unit, to be called the Refugee Task Force, will be commanded by Michael Maisonneuve, a French OSCE official who has been ordered to "concentrate on collecting data relating to criminal activities" within the former Yugoslavia.

Independent efforts by the media to collect evidence of war crimes have been yielding scores of eyewitnesses to brutal, casual killing.

At a refugee encampment in central Kukes Tuesday morning, Osman Kuci from Suhareke, told MSNBC and NBC News of seeing a man seized by Serbs and given "three seconds" to produce 500 German marks. When the main failed to hand over the money, a Serb policeman cut his throat.

Bujar Kuci, his nephew, said civilians fleeing Suhareke were shot at random. He said 100 people were slaughtered.

RUN DOWN BY A CAR In the village of Grakoc, eyewitnesses said, a mother and her baby were run down by a car carrying Serb policeman. The baby died.

For some young women, the horrors of Kosovo appear to have continued right up until the moment they crossed the border. Official sources told MSNBC Tuesday morning that young women were being taken away and raped at the Serb border point before being allowed to cross.

Jonathan Miller is reporting from northern Albania for MSNBC.com.

-- Worth fighting about (cut@paste.com), April 06, 1999.

This has absolutely nothing to do with y2k concerns. Why are you taking up time, space and bandwidth to post it on this forum? Please do not waste our time any further.

-- Michael Rennie (gort@Klaatu.com), April 06, 1999.

War is hell.

Atrocities abound on both sides of armed conflict.

The question was and should be: Why did this happen? What was the ROOT cause of the conflict, and does it necessitate sending OUR sons and daughters to spill their blood for an alien nation?

If stopping genocide and atrocities by sovereign nations against their own people or ethnic minorities is a vital national interest to the United States, should we not send in troops to China?

You remember, . . . the ChiComs who gunned down UNARMED democracy demonstrators in Tianamen Square? How about STATE FORCED abortions and destruction of infant girls perpetrated upon women in China? Surely these are "Crimes against humanity?"

But no. You Goose-stepping Clintonites and Limp-wristed sorry good- for-shits just react to imagery propaganda and emotional rhetoric from your king and his Right Arm: the media.

You are all hypocrites.

If not China, how about Liberia? If not Liberia, how come we didn't invade Rwanda?

I know, I know...you didn't hear about the GENOCIDES there with the same intensity and vehemence from our mainstream presscorps. In other words, Sam, Dan, Peter et al; didn't move you with the CONSTANT harping of White House talking points and emotional rhetoric, the CONTINUOUS visual bombardment of the refugees in Macedonia.

Why have we seen no pictures and stories of the casualties NATO forces have caused on Serbia? Why no history of how the KLA was engaged in terrorist activities in Belgrade with help from Osama Bin-Laden? Or the history of how the KLA was funded? Or how Clinton has been playing footsie with Milosevich for over a year before this action?


What? You want me to believe on the word of a known-liar and his cronies who perpetrated the same lies he told? Surely you jest.

WHEN do we believe your king? Hmmmmmm????

We should now automatically support FAILED policy and FLAWED reasonings for interceding in a conflict WE HAD NO BUSINESS INTERFERING WITH DIRECTLY?

Why not sanctions and other diplomatic tools as we had done before?

Oh, that's right....this isn't about genocide...it's about creating a legacy for your king.

Send YOURSELVES, YOUR SONS and DAUGHTERS there to spill blood for your king.

And stop telling us what to do with our scalps.

...and how to think....and how to be compassionate.....and how to be politically correct....and how to feel.....

Screw all of you non-thinking twits. You will all be the reason this nation has seen its final days.


-- INVAR (gundark@sw.net), April 06, 1999.

Invar - right on target, right on the money - as usual.

Good job.

-- sparks (wireless@home.here), April 06, 1999.

Thanks Invar, couldn't have said it better myself. When I even tried to say it better I kept melting the keyboard with the words I wanted to use.

-- Greybear (greybear@home.com), April 06, 1999.

Don't forget all those arms the Germans cut off the Belgian children in WWI. Except they didn't: it was all made-up war propaganda, courtesy British Intelligence. And don't forget the babies the Iraquis threw out of their incubators in a Kuwait hospital. Babies! Except they didn't: the testimony came from the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S., PRETENDING to be a nurse. The whole thing dreamt up by the Madison Avenue ad firm hired by the Bush Administration to promote the war. People, get real: don't believe the hype. They show WARPORN to enflame the limbic system, get the masses muttering "kill, kill, kill..." God help us.

-- Spidey (in@jam.com), April 07, 1999.

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