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-- 04/06/1999 (04/06/, April 06, 1999


Wow. I voted EXACTLY like everyone else. What a Y2k conformist I am.

-- just (, April 06, 1999.

Nicely done poll.

However, I think duration of Y2K needs to be broken down to specific events.

For example I see DIRECT problems such as power outages or grocery supply interuption to last 4-6 weeks but economic impact could be protracted over several years of tight credit, high unemployment, and bankruptcies.

So to prepare for the 4-6 weeks of DIRECT interuptions I want 3-6 months of supplies and to prepare for the ECONOMIC I want GOLD, CASH, and access to funds - ie out of stocks, bonds etc.

-- knotty (not@this address.yet), April 06, 1999.

Thanks to those of you who voted.

-- 04/06/1999 (04/06/, April 06, 1999.

Very interesting!

-- sandi (, April 07, 1999.

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