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We all know that nothing happens on the first day of a new fiscal year, but it is now fiscal year 2000 for the United Kingdom.

So now it is New York State, Canada, and the United Kingdom that are operating in fiscal year 2000.

The impression I have is that the United Kingdom is less prepared than Canada. This should be on our radar screens for the next few weeks.

And please, lets not post anything tommorrow saying "well, did anything happen yet?" If and when anything does surface, it does take time.

-- David Holladay (, April 06, 1999


Thanks for the reminder David - personally, I'm not holding my breath (unlike the wibbling adverse citics) about these rollovers - time is kind at the moment, resources are in place, Starbucks and Burger King are open for business, Wall Street is cruising in hot air as are the vast majority of Americans with their 401K's doing rather well - where the fuck is Kosovo anyway, I had trouble driving to Peoria....

Basically it is NOT 1 1 2000.


-- Andy (, April 06, 1999.

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