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Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it's now online for us free-loaders.


Just passin' it on.

-- FM (, April 06, 1999


I'd really like to see him have a reason to come to "flyover" country, but I suppose it ain't gonna happen.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 06, 1999.

What happened to WRP 114...?

Interesting analogy he gives us here. Just the other day someone was describing to me how you can die from only a split-second exposure to intense radiation. You're fine for a while, then... over the course of several weeks/months... you start to die piecemeal, from the inside out. Deep inside your cells, the "code is broken."

-- hey (thanks@again.cory), April 06, 1999.

The most useless rant yet.

-- . (.@...), April 06, 1999.

Cory Hamasaki's D.C. Y2K Weather Reports

-- Max Dixon (Ogden, Utah USA) (, April 06, 1999.

Absolutely brilliant analogy. (Runway Cat, where are you? This is right up your alley...)

-- Jack (, April 06, 1999.

114 is online now too:


-- (metoo@helpful.iam), April 06, 1999.


A great rant, it really brought it togeather for me.

I have worked with Radiation all my grown years, and what you say is to the mark. 2K REM to the body is close to instant shutdown The Whole body Lethal Dose 50%(live)-50% Die (LD5050) is 450 to 600 REM, But cancer tumors are treated with very large doses with several shots from different directions to keep the dose to surrounding tissue below seveal KRad.

Our Ecconomy can take some big bombs, just like serbia is taking as we rant. But if all transactions close down then every one heads for the boarder.... Are we all going to be Y2K refugees?

PS: there are several death marches started in silicon valley as well......

-- helium (, April 06, 1999.


-- rb (, April 06, 1999.

The whisper about the NYSE..there is an ominous silence.

-- Mike Lang (, April 06, 1999.

I left the death marches 17 years ago this month. Was up to 90 hrs /wk in a military house. It took a round of cancer that my wife went through and a near fatal accident for me before I listened to the "tap on the sholder" and quit. I've had my own company since then. My advice, look into the eyes of your wife, child, lover, or friend and decide what is important - then walk out of the door.

-- Bill Keller (, April 06, 1999.

Cancer radiation, Bone Marrow Transplant radiation -- risky and very unpleasant effects for the patient. Complications can lead to death quickly, even in a sterile supportive oh-so-careful environment bubble-blocked in a clean hospital specialty section. Immune system is kaput for a long time. The things we seen ... *shudder*

If I ever got cancer I would opt for NO radiation & NO chemo. Quality of life over quantity of life. But can understand those who want to fight. Very personal decision; just that I've seen too much and have already lived a full life.

The radiation's accumulative effects make the patient fatigued. If a nuke went off, after two days those affected would be too tired to loot & riot & maraud. That region would go out with a whimper.

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-- Leska (, April 06, 1999.

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