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Hi, I just checked out the Calumet website ( They have what seems to be a really good deal. Well maybe. I haven't heard many good things about the Zone VI field cameras, but they're advertizing a real pretty one called the "Ultralight" for about $1495.00, with a FREE Berlbach tripod. Does anyone have feedback on this camera? No rear shift or rise/fall, but only 4 lbs., front axis/base tilt, rear base tilt, f/r swing, front rise/fall, and a nice price, especially with the tripod, a $139.00 value.

-- Raven Garrow (, April 06, 1999


I recently looked at one of these during a visit to the San Francisco Calumet store. They are very attractive indeed, and also very light. I was impressed. However I remember thinking that the Zone VI was not quite a durable, and not as meticulously finished, as the Wisner cameras I have seen. On the other hand, the Zone VI felt rigid, the controls worked smoothly, and there were certainly no obvious or glaring deficiencies. The salesperson had just bought one and claimed to love it (and I think he was being sincere!). Good luck with your decision.

-- Gregory Bell (, April 07, 1999.

Lesson one in Photography 101 should be, "If you find something you like and you can afford it, buy it". That should come before lens testing, what iffing and darn, it's $5 cheaper at xxx.

I'm don't mean the above to sound like criticism because I know it's a hard decision to choose a camera or lens. If I had to choose a company that would accept a return if I weren't satisfied, Calumet would be at the top of the list.

If it motivates you to get out and photograph, I say go for it. If it exhibits a build quality that you are happy with, you will get good results

-- Mike Long (, April 09, 1999.

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