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-- we're all (immortal@pres.ent), April 05, 1999


This is the latest from the Government. And you could check out the Globe and Mail site. They have lots on the subject

Info2000: The Canadian Federal Government Year 2000 Information Site

 Canadian Food Inspection Agency
 Established a Year 2000 Resource
 Centre for Lab Equipment

 Department of Foreign Afairs and
 International Trade
 Canadian Passport Office is 100%
 Y2K compliant

 Consular Affairs is 100% Y2K

 Human Resources Development
 Employment Insurance is 100% Y2K

 Old Age Security is now 100% Y2K

 Canada Pension Plan is now 100%
 Y2K compliant

 Natural Resources Canada
 Geomagnetic Monitoring is 100%
 Y2K compliant

 Seismic Monitoring is 100% Y2K

 Public Works and Government
 Services Canada
 Vast majority of Crown-owned and
 leased embedded buildings systems
 have been found to be Y2K
 Established Year 2000 Resource
 Centres for building systems across
 the country

 Revenue Canada
 Customs Border Services System is
 100% Y2K compliant.

 Individual Income Tax System is
 100% Y2K compliant.

 Corporate Tax System is 100% Y2K

 Goods and Services Tax system is
 100% Y2K compliant.

 Child Tax Benefit System is 100%
 Y2K compliant.

 Tax Court
 Appeals Management System is
 100% Y2K compliant

-- Brian (, April 06, 1999.

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