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Found this on csy2k, it is a HOOT!!!! Rusty

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LONDON(Rudgers) > > In a startling revelation today, the Beatles announced that the "Paul > is dead" hoax of the 1960's was actually a reference to Paul Milne, > and not to Paul McCartney, as was earlier believed. > > At a hastily assembled news conference just outside their former > studios on Abbey Road, London, the three surviving Beatles - George > Harrison, Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney - admitted that most of > the Beatles songs were actually written about Paul Milne, and for Paul > Milne. > > Noting that some reporters were skeptical about that remark, McCartney > noted that "The Fool on the Hill" was their most obvious tribute to > Milne, but there were numerous other references to the Virginia > survivalist hermit throughout their works. "Paul was a real nowhere > man," noted Sir Paul, "living in his nowhere land, making all his > plans for nobody."

> The Beatles also confirmed that Mr. Milne has indeed passed away, the > victim of a vicious encounter with a dog. "I thought we gave it all > away in the song 'Good Morning', " said Mr. Harrison, "where we > actually had a crowing rooster and a barking dog included in the sound > effects. If you play that song upside down at 276.398 RPM, you can > clearly hear the sound of a hammer striking a dog, and someone > shouting 'you imbecile butthead' to the dog." > > According to the Beatles, that encounter was fatal for the > hammer-wielding Milne after the dog was able to overcome the initial > blows and mount a counter-attack. "There was nothing to do to save > his life, so we called his wife in," said Mr. Starr, "and from that > time forward we absolutely littered our songs with references to the > deceased Mr. Milne." > > "Oh yes, Paul was always on our minds when we recorded," remarked Mr. > Harrison, "and we often slipped in little subconscious references to > Milne in our songs. I know that people may find that hard to believe > now, but here's another clue for you all - the walrus was Paul." > > When asked whether the Beatles expected the public to believe that > they actually predicted the life and times of Paul Milne some 30 years > in advance, the three Beatles replied in almost perfect unison: > "Yeah, yeah, yeah". Sir Paul hastily wrote down that answer, > remarking that he could probably use it in a tune someday. > > "Oh, we even had references to Paul Milne posting to Internet > newgroups," said Sir Paul, "if you listen to John's song 'Tomorrow > Never Knows' - 'lay down all thoughts surrendered to the void' - that > was an obvious clue to the identity of Mr. Milne, but people didn't > pick up on it at the time, because the Internet wasn't too popular in > 1965. It was obvious that Paul played the existence game to the end". > > Harrison noted that Beatles fans and Milne fans can now unite in a > total review of the Beatles' works in light of this recent revelation. > When pressed for details, Mr. Harrison was reluctant to give any new > direction to this exciting new undertaking, but he remarked that > "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and "Hey Bulldog" would obviously have a > distinctly different message now that the Beatles have revealed these > latest explanantions for the "Paul is dead" hoax. > > All three Beatles expressed their sorrow at the passing of Milne, but > as Sir Paul noted - " wasn't like we didn't warn him. He just > wasn't prepared. He was such a fab gear butthead, wasn't he?" >

-- Rusty (, April 05, 1999


This is just sooooo very RAD! And "Number 9," "Number 9", "Number 9" referred to Milne's view on Y2K effects, no?

-- BigDog (, April 05, 1999.

"...and though the trolls were rather small...they had to count them all. Now they know how many trolls it takes to fill the Albert Hall....."

-- George Martin (, April 05, 1999.

Gee, I wonder how you'd feel if some idiot posted "Sorta OT: Humor: Rusty is dead" and proceeded to repeat some half-baked ramblings from csy2k that replace the words to "On top of Old Smokey" or some other dumb song with graphic details of your demise.

Wouldn't that be a HOOT!!! Hahaha, Rusty's DEAD!

And before you start thinking I don't understand the parallel with the PR hoax about McCartney, don't.

I happen to admire Milne for having the guts to post as vehemently and persuasively as he does, knowing that by giving his true email address he opens himself up to retarded trolls on his private address.


-- jhollander (, April 05, 1999.

jhollander, The above post was humor, get it? I happen to like and respect Paul Milne also, but no one and nothing is sacred in a public domain, imo.

Hey dude, don't bring me down...

Rusty's dead! that's what I said, Rusty, opened up with my real email address for all the trolls and you too.

-- Rusty (, April 06, 1999.

Guess I'm not into macabre humor, Rusty. Sorry for being so touchy; I guess I could've just scrolled on by.

I was probably on edge because dh came home with more bad Y2K news; more evidence of public lies from private companies (sorry; once again dh says is confidential and not-for-internet-consumption). Don't believe any of this garbage we're hearing about compliance by major companies. Their spin is even more sophisticated than our government's, and the public eats it up like Easter candy.


-- jhollander (, April 06, 1999.

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