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Azur- Below is your response to my comments on the sign in feature. I think still, if we just ask them for an "organization name," we might mislead people into putting their work address. I think we should say "organizational affiliation or membership," and on the screen, in big, bad, bold font, remind them that we need a home, street address (not a work number or po box).

Azur Moulaert ( responded to a message you left in the MAN-EDF bboard:

Subject: Response to arsdigita site's recruitment /sign-in feature

We are not providing a sign up entry space for group affiliation at this time. What I can suggest is that instead of asking for a Company name -at time of signup- , we could ask for an organization name. I think that would work.

However for orgs that are part of a coalition if they want to be more strict about their list management I reccomend to set them up as an individual action network; like so they would receive their own individual signup page.

They (the indidual org) would have to coordinate with the Coalition manager to periodically upload their data and keep their activists up to date (unless the coalition manager also manages the group list).

In the future we might consider a signup page for coalitions where the user checkmarks the org(s) that she belongs to. But not at this point.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1999


For the time being this is the only alternative we have, we can modify the instructions in the signup page to let them know about the specific requirements that the coalition has. The opening paragraph would be General info on the Coalition the lower paragraph (in blue for demo purposes) would be signup specific.

Like this Check:

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1999

Since this is a coalition of various group please enter your membership affiliation where is says COMPANY NAME. MAKE SURE YOU ENTER YOUR VOTING ADDRESS WE CANNOT MATCH YOU TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES IF YOU USE YOUR

How about this: "Please Note: Make sure you enter your HOME address. Work addresses and P.O. Boxes will not work. If you are a member of a non-profit group in Ohio, please put that group in the 'Company Name' space."

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1999

Done check to see

Cool, look at the template here:

OR the real thing for MAP:

To see if you like it.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1999

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