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It feels funny addressing a currently non-existent audience but in time there will be a few bold curious ones.

Before I stumbled into photography, I misspent my youth pursuing the elusive and the impossible attainment of the 'perfect' reproduction of sound and music through the medium of one's 'hifi' audio system. Why the quotation marks? Because what's perfect to you does not mean its perfect to me; and what's hifi to me may not be hifi to you.

This forum is for the discussion of hifi audio. Regular readers of the The Absolute Sound, and Stereophile will know what to contribute. The brave neophytes who wander in here out of curiousity will either be appalled by this silliness or be greatly enthralled by it. Feel free to contribute or post any Q&A's. Nothing is trivial. And all questiosn shall be answered. This is a forum for provoking thought, and debate, and perhaps, also for exposing pet delusions and the charlatanism that could possibly exist in the high-end hifi audio industry.

Like the spider said to the fly, "Welcome to my parlour". Just keep your langauge temperate.

-- Rene Quan (renequan@bigfoot.com), April 05, 1999

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