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American Red Cross has a brochure dated (Rev) Jan. 1999. I would like to see the original if this one is revised. Also, isn't it strange that the Government says we are ready, but the Red Cross is putting this out (and actually tells people to take money out of the banks in small amounts prior to 12/31/99)?

-- JANE HUGHES (JMHUGHES4@AOL.COM), April 05, 1999



You can get copies of that brochure from your local red cross. Just call them and they will send you out a copy. We ended up going to the office ourselves and picking up 50 copies of the Y2K brochure, along with 50 copies each of the following: *Your family disaster Supplies Kit*, *Emergency Preparedness checklist* and *Helping Children Cope with Disaster*

The brochures are free, but if you want a supply of them you have to pay for postage. We gave copies of these to the newspaper and are planning on making them available at the City Council Meeting and the next Chamber of Commerce meeting. The C of C meeting is going to be hosted by a lady who owns a computer consulting firm and the topic is *Are you Y2K compliant?*. hmmm..think they'll notice if I slip out early and put the brochures on their windshields? ;)

pamela ;)

-- pamela (, April 05, 1999.

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