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Hi to all recipients At Saturday night I heard a small bang coming from a closet of my bookcase. I checked it but I found nothing.... At Sunday evening I realised that the meter of my Autoreflex T didn't work at all. I tried to replace the batteries (Varta PX6?5) with fresh ones pulling out the first on top I noticed that the other was in two pieces and empty and the bottom (-) of the small barell which holds the batteries had gone broken inside the body of the camera.!!! I'm wondering if I could repair the camera by myself with your help. The camera repair market here is poor and the techicians asking a lot of money for repairs and since the camera is old enough I strongly believe that they will not even touch it. Any advice??

Friendly Dimitris Metaxas

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1999


If the T is still working (except for the meter) I would recommend using it with a hand meter. I will be less expensive to buy another T than to repair yours. You may not be able to find anyone who can fix it. Someone on the list probably has an extra body to sell.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 1999

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