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I have to do a computer project about Y2K. I want to know :1.Which sorts of occupation will be affected deeply? 2.How will Y2K affect HongKong? 3.How did some company get profit by Y2K? 4.How can we defeat Y2K? 5.The computers may be out of order when 2000 comes.Will it involve about laws?And how will laws be involved?

-- LittleAaren (, April 04, 1999


The way it looks right now, is that the likelyhood that electricity will shut down all over the world. If that happens, nobody will work! Hong Kong will shut down.

The Liars...sorry...the Lawyers will have no business! You may have to stay hopme for a long tome. Your kids will not go to school! There will be no money coming in, and no money going out.

If you have prepared, there is no need for bartering!

-- smitty (, April 04, 1999.

Thank you for Mr.Smitty's answering.But I don't agree with Mr.Smitty. I think the lawyers will be very busy since they have to discuss the binsiness concerning about problems caused by Y2K. e.g.the banks may lose some data in computers,then all works would be done by human.There may be some mistakes when the people do their works.They may be concerning about the money and the laws. There are many other examples.That's why I don't agree with Mr.Smitty.

-- Little Aaren (, April 04, 1999.

LittlAaren: What did you mean by "...a computer project..." about Y2K? Are you a student?

-- PNG (, April 04, 1999.

Yes,I am a student.Anything goes wrong?Is this hp for adult only?

-- Little Aaren (, April 04, 1999.

And if there's none or sporadic electricity the lawyers will be handwriting briefs. Garbage. Laws? Laws are like warm spit. The US has 2/3 of the lawyers in the world. It is in part why the US is in the condition that it's in.

Shakespeare was right. How many of our, uh, cough, "august" legislators are lawyers? I am staggered by law and lawyer worship in the US....Have none of you read history books? Do you not know what the learn'ed legal eagles have done in the last 400 years. Laws are meaningless...agreements between consenting parties means something...laws are made to make law-breakers of everyone. Nothing more.

She who sticks her neck out of the sheets late at night when she should have more restraint.

-- Donna Barthuley (, April 05, 1999.

Smitty idiotically proclaimed; The way it looks right now, is that the likelyhood that electricity will shut down all over the world

What a bunch of complete and utter crap. You should be ashamed of yourself. All the experts agree that although some outages are possible, overall the situation will be okay. Shut down all over the world? Are you a deliberate fearmonger of just bloody stupid?

No wonder many don't take Y2K seriously when there are bozos like you making moronic idiotic statements about it.

-- smittytruthteller (, April 05, 1999.

Dear Little Aaren,

Y2K is a tough subject to cover for a report in school, but good for you to try to get some answers. Children who have real questions are welcome here, as far as I know. Your questions deserve answers. Here are my thoughts:

1. Many of us think that everyone will be affected by Y2K. Our jobs, our lives, our routines will all be disrupted. I suppose only farmers, fishermen, and folks who work in jobs that existed before the modern age will be able to work, more or less, as before.

2. There are probably better experts about exactly how Y2K will affect Hong Kong, but my understanding is that Hong Kong is not prepared to meet all of the challenges of Y2K, so that they will be susceptible to the kinds of problems we are: power and communications outages, food shortages, water supply problems, medical problems and emergency medical rpoblems, to name a few.

3. If I understand your question, I suppose there are some companies who will "get profit by Y2K", companies who sell services that people need to prepare for Y2K, like people who sell camping equipment, batteries, shortwave radios, etc.

5. How the world deals with law after the year 200 depends quite a bit on how severe Y2K turns out to be. When people are busy trying to find food, warmth, light, and communicate from afar with their loved ones, legal matters begin to take a backseat to other priorities. Many people believe that some new laws will be passed to help people with the difficulties they might have fulfilling their normal obligations in the normal way. Some people think there will be a moratorium, a delay, in making people do what they would normally be expected to do.

Lawyers should be pretty busy after Y2K. Lot's of people and companies will be working to get what they feel is rightfully theirs from others who may disgree with them, in light of all of the chaos... and they will probably use lawyers to work it out.

Good luck. Let us know how your project goes, and what other kids think about it, as well as how your teacher reacts. We are interested.

Warm regards, Sara

-- Sara Nealy (, April 05, 1999.

Sara, It should be noted that Hong Kong claims they will have their essential systems compliant by June 30. I'm not saying they will, but that is the spin they are trying to sell. Smitty, are you the same guy who posted as JC?

-- RobbY2K (, April 05, 1999.

Check out:


Where we have answered this for one of the regular posters' kids. Chuck

-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 05, 1999.

LittleAaren: No. It's not for adults only. Many people here are very childish. Including me!

I was trying to find out how old you are and what kind of project you have. I wanted to give you some ideas of things to read. I was hoping you would read them, think about them and use your own mind to answer your own questions.

-- PNG (, April 05, 1999.

Thank you Sara,Chuck and all of you. I have to write a hp for this topic "How will Y2K affect Hong Kong?" I will talk about the background of Y2K(I have done it),the terrible problems caused by Y2K(I have done it,but welcome your experience),the "top ten occupation that would be affect by Y2K". Sara,I want to let you know my project but my project is written in Chinese.

-- Little Aaren (, April 05, 1999.

Thank you,PNG. I have to do a project about "How will computer(or this sort of thing)affect the development(or future) of Hong Kong?" I choose Y2K to be the topic of my project.What I need is the deep discussion in Y2K.Since my project is written in Chinese,I will translate it to English. Sara,I know there is a company provides some imformation about Y2K and it earn money when the customers asking for survices.This is 1 of the examples that some companies make profit by Y2K.

-- Little Aaren (, April 05, 1999.

Since I want to make a "Top ten occupation affected by Y2K".It's better fo me to make a booth for voting.Please go to "" for voting! Thank you!

-- Little Aaren (, April 05, 1999.

And here is the guest book of my project homepage: "" whenever you have been to my hp or not,you and write anything about Y2K here.You can write about your feeling of Y2k,or how will Y2K affect you.You can also tell us how will you "defeat" Y2K!

-- Little Aaren (, April 05, 1999.

Sorry,I have made some mistake on the address of the guestbook. It should be:

-- Little Aaren (, April 05, 1999.

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