Whats gas price?

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What's with the new gas prices. I'm in far north east. Regular $1.14. Talked with my Daughter in Northern Calf. She's pay's $1.86 for regular.

-- gas (g@se.d), April 04, 1999


Here northwest fla gas went from 95 a gallon to 106 in 3 days!

-- Daryll (Daryll@nospam.com), April 04, 1999.

I'm in Southern Minnesota - Regular unleaded is going for $1.19 a gallon right now.

-- Jim Morris (prism@bevcomm.net), April 04, 1999.

Supply and demand. There are a lot more cars in California than Minnesota or Florida.

-- @ (@@@.@), April 04, 1999.

Paying 5.4 US per gallon,here in the UK,you lucky people.Thats just the regular price.

-- Chris (griffen@globalnet.co.uk), April 04, 1999.

Calif. has lost two major refin. systems recently. Because of restrictive legislation [this is not meant to be a criticism of that legislation; just a fact], fuel isn't easily imported from other states. Word is that prices will go even higher in Calif.

-- gas (gas@calif.ca), April 04, 1999.

Paid 99 at an off brand station in a burb of Detrit last week. Gas on ave. is about 1.08 here in Southeastern Michigan.

There is a big Y2k meeting in Adrian Michigan on the 16th of April at 7:00 PM, contact me for more info.


-- Ernie (edsexcel@ameritec.net), April 04, 1999.



Why do Americans have such a fixation on the price of gasoline? Amazing. People grumble about the price of gas at the convenience store/gas station...then buy a bottle of water at the price of over $4.00 per gallon with hardly a second thought?

-- PNG (png@gol.com), April 04, 1999.

The 19th of March, gas was .93 a gal just to the south of Seattle. Yesterday at the same station it was $1.48. Rediculous! And by the way, California, up here they are blaming the price increase on your refinery fires!! and the public is buying it so far as I can tell. They are predicting another .10 to .20 increase in the next 2 weeks.

-- Valkyrie (anon@please.net), April 04, 1999.

Folks: First, Valkyrie: Please note that you have had two explosions at the March Point refinery in Anacortes, WA in the last few months. The first, in the coker unit, killed a number of people. All of that oil from Alaska is going no-where. Do you read the Seattle Times?

PNG: I will take your generalized statement as an an insult that it was meant to be. Let me point-out that Americans do not live in a country small enough that long jumpers have to worry about crossing international borders during compet

-- antiPNG (antiPNG@gol.com), April 04, 1999.

The oil cartel is supported by your tax dollars. Corporate welfare at its finest. If it wasn't for oil and gas subsidies a single gallon in America would be around $15.00/gal. Oil cartel subsidies per year, Around $170 billion. AS Chris pointed out one gallon of gas in the UK is $5.40.


-- MC (Apus1son@aol.com), April 04, 1999.

Last time I looked it was $1.19 for regular in the Minneapolis burbs.

-- d (d@dgi.old), April 04, 1999.


We've never played by the same rules as the rest of the world. It's only fair that we wake to reality. 2000 is going to be a shock to our system one way or another. Prep makes sense.

-- d (d@dgi.old), April 04, 1999.

We have the cheapest gas in the world. Quit yer whinin'. Pro PNG.

-- gilda jessie (jess@listbot.com), April 04, 1999.

I'll tell you, PNG, why the American people have such a fixation about the price of gas. Well... maybe just why people in Texas, Louisiana and the other producing states. It's because it is an economic driver. In Texas, the price of oil--and the eventual and resutling price of gasoline--impact directly on people's lives. The price is low, you may lose your job if you work in an oil-related industry. The price is high, everything's coming up roses. I'm not making any judgments about that, merely answering yor question.

-- Vic (Roadrunner@compliant.com), April 04, 1999.

Filled up yesterday...Regular 95cents in SE Texas.

-- quietly lurking (quietly@preparing.com), April 04, 1999.

Remember the 1973-4 oil "crisis?" Sure seems like deja vu all over again, and for the same reasons. The only difference is that we don't have gas lines and rationing. Yet.

-- LP (soldog@hotmail.com), April 04, 1999.

Received this email today:

Subject: SanDiegoStateU--Action Idea


It's time we did something about the price of gasoline in America!

We are all sick and tired of high prices when there are literally millions of gallons in storage.

Know what I found out? If there was just ONE day when no one purchased any gasoline, prices would drop drastically.

The so-called oil cartel has decided to slow production by some 2 million barrels per day to drive up the price. I have decided to see how many Americans we can get to NOT BUY ANY GASOLINE on one particular day!

Let's have a GAS OUT! Do not buy any gasoline on APRIL 30, 1999!!!!!

Buy on Thursday before, or Saturday after. Do not buy any gasoline on FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1999.

Wanna help? Send this message to everyone you know. Ask them to do the same. All we need is a few million to participate in order to make a difference.

Let me know how many you will send out. We CAN make a difference.


Tim Jones

director of publications

department of athletics

san diego state university

(619) 594-2839 jones125@mail.sdsu.edu

-- none (none@none.none), April 04, 1999.

Do people in the US not know that the price of our gasoline is kept artificially low compared to the rest of the world? Do the research, and quit buying into the US auto industry hype that seeks to sell you the gas guzzling vehicles. Did nobody learn anything in the 70s? Caramba,...boggles the mind. Then again, I had children in school in the 80s...what passes for courses on history is criminal.

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), April 04, 1999.

just saw $1.09 per gal for 87 octane unleaded on a station that was .99 per gal a week ago...that's closer to the high end than the low end here on the VA side of the line - add about another 3 cents for the DC price and about another 8 cents or so for the MD price.

It's gone up some, but then it did this time last year too - tourist season. There are still a few decent places to buy gas but you have to know which of the burbs don't have all kinds of additional add on taxes.


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), April 04, 1999.

Yesterday (Saturday 3 April) I paid $1.02 + 9/10 for 89 octane Texaco. Several stations on the N. side of Atlanta are carrying that price. Down in Buckhead (closer to town) gasoline runs a dime or so higher. Two weeks ago the same Texaco stations sold 89 octane for 91.9 cents -- a month ago you could find it at 85.9 cents.

Evey year so far gas prices have gone up at the start of summer vacation season -- this time it's much earlier, and steeper.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), April 04, 1999.

Phoenix average: Unleaded $1.37 Plus $1.47 Super $1.57

-- rb (phxbanks@webtv.net), April 04, 1999.

Last week stations still had regular unleaded for $0.98 per gal This week stations are selling regular unleaded for $1.53 per gal as of Easter Sunday. How much does that add to the cost of a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk? And so the squeeze begins just like '73-4 ....oh sorry 'bout that, just old programmer habits, 1973-1974. Watch for shortages of something beniegn starting next week. Maybe toilet paper (like last time) and then sugar, and then coffee, then jobs... then .....double digit inflation/double digit interest rates/double digit unemployment

-- spun@lright (mikeymac@uswest.net), April 04, 1999.

Orange County California....average price of low octane: $1.45...some places in LA pushing $2.00 a gallon...

Me in my 45 mile per gallon old honda crx looks upon the 1998 SUV owners and feels their pain. In addition, I hate driving anywhere I don't have to....We take jobs in our local area only,...significant other drives a K-bike BMW motorcycle, unless it's raining...I imagine if this continues that the auto makers will have to consider switching from small high mileage cars to the SUVs...live and learn...sometimes.

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), April 04, 1999.

Sorry I was thinking of the people beat up and even shot during that gas crisis This is in the Portland, Ore area

-- spun@lright (mikeymac@uswest.net), April 04, 1999.

We ate some yummy black beans in a Mexican restaurant the other day, and as a result, WE GOT SOME FREE GAS!!!

-- smitty (smitty@sandiego.com), April 05, 1999.

Here in suburban Chicago area, we're at $1.10 reg. from .86 a couple weeks ago.

Gas is generally about .20 higher in Chicago (city taxes)than the 'burbs.

Gas prices were higher here a year ago than they are now.

-- Deborah (infowars@yahoo.com), April 05, 1999.

>The oil cartel is supported by your tax dollars. Corporate welfare at its finest. If it wasn't for oil and gas subsidies a single gallon in America would be around $15.00/gal. Oil cartel subsidies per year, Around $170 billion. -MC

>-- MC (Apus1son@aol.com), April 04, 1999.

MC, Do you have any specific reference or information to back up ANY of these assertions. I do not believe them at all.

-- Rick (doc_u_ment@hotmail.com), April 05, 1999.

Gas in California is formulated to be more expensive, due to smog regs. Of course, the additive (MBE), is a cancer causer and pollutes water sources. Now that the powers that be have "discovered" this, after being warned from the "get-go", it will be phased out. Of course that will take about three years. Of course, the chemical companies that supply it are fighting the discontinuance -- as well as the gas companies are also fighting the discontinuance because they can justify through the magic of accounting that adding 1c of chemical to a gallon of gas "justifies" a 25c premium in cost over what gas costs in other states.

-- A (A@AisA.com), April 05, 1999.

I'm in Central Florida. Filled up yesterday at 1.08/gal. for regular; last week it was .96/gal. for regular.

On the news they said it was because of slowed production in South American refineries. I would assume it's due to remediation efforts in the refineries.

I'm sure it's just going to get worse. I guess we'll go back to those even/odd days like in the '70s when it gets really bad.


-- jhollander (hollander@ij.net), April 05, 1999.

Local stations here in Southern California where I am are anywhere from a low of $1.60 to a high of $1.80 per gallon for Supreme. Average "regular" unleaded seems to be about $1.50.

I heard a radio interview the other day with an owner of an ARCO station who received a letter which stated that he should expect to only receive 70% of his normal allocation. Bottom line, we should expect to see gas rationing here on the West Coast soon.

Along with the two explosions I also heard there was a refinery that shut down for "scheduled repairs". They tried to come back but the repairs "failed" and they are still down with no idea on when they can come back up.

Kinda interesting.

Mike ===========================================================

-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), April 05, 1999.


The gas out is interesting BUT ONLY IF it is combined with a change in behavior will it do any good. After all what happens, before the gas out everyone fills up so they are OK for the gas out and after the gas out pent up demand causes increased sales. Whoopie, made a big difference. Unless were willing to park our cars ,use public transit, car pool, and actually reduce the automobile miles driven any boycott is a joke and the oil companies know it. Unpopular as it may seem, I'll suggest that 5.00/gallon gas could be very good for the environment and a boon to public transit. It just might cause a change in out habbits...


-- john hebert (jt_hebert@hotmail.com), April 05, 1999.

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