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I just took the AOL poll and it showed that a majority voted for sending in ground troops.I believe this board feels differently. Am I right? Are you for or against sending in ground troops?

-- Sue (, April 04, 1999


What a surprise - the orchestration out there is working superbly - send in the troops - save the victims - how many other countries are we going to go into to save? The whole thing is a gigantic set-up. Why now, and why Yugoslavia?

-- Andy (, April 04, 1999.

I can't decide if Vietslavia is bill's tar baby or if this is some grand global plan unfolding, to the planet's detriment.

-- Mike T. (anita_martini@the.ranch), April 04, 1999.

I do not think it wise for the US to attack the former USSR. Ground- troops would only complicate matters.

-- Anonymous99 (, April 04, 1999.

Yugoslavia was never a part of the Soviet Republic. Tito was a Communist, but so was Mao. The Russians knew they couldn't cope with the Balkans. We seem to be finding that out for ourselves.

-- Tom Carey (, April 04, 1999.

Inform Europe to prepare for war, bring US Troops home and dig in.

-- digin (digin@USA.bring'imhome), April 04, 1999.

..........only fools go where brave men fear to tread....Or cowards send their subjects,...paraphrase "let he who wants to fight, throw the first stone".......or is that a mixed metaphor?...

Because of the shade..Charon is not too bright...

Don't forget t bring a penny.

-- Charon (, April 04, 1999.

I am VERY opposed to sending in ground troops. I have read numerous articles saying our troops would take a real blood bath, fighting the Serbs in the mountainous terrain. They are well hunkered down, and well armed (remember, the Ruskies are providing them with arms and advice) and determined enough to fight to the last man for their homeland.

We will be seeing thousands of our young boys and girls come back in body bags, once that happens. Are you ready for that?

Makes one wonder if that caller to the ARt Bell show was correct, saying a certain company was commissioned by our government to provide thousands of body bags (I forget the exact figure, but it was an amazingly high figure, and what did our govt. have in mind?)

Clinton started out this war by carefully couching his words (I do not "intend" to send ground troops in).....leaving plenty of room for him to turn around, later.

From what I can gather, from TV and reading, the refugee problem of this magnitude would never have happened, if it had not been for him interfering in their civil war. Well, we don't hear much about China, anymore, do we?

Something that has me duped....I heard, on TV, that the NATO generals map out what targets will be chosen. Well, that big bridge they knocked apart, in Belgrade will interfere in shipping between European countries. Why would the NATO generals do that...they're mainly European. Maybe it was not what they were aiming for?

My greatest concern is that this could lead to WW3.....why do the Russians need so many war ships for "monitoring" in the Mediteranean? I have read that Clinton has systematically downsized our military and its might....we even advertise how few Cruise missles we have left, and can't get anymore. The Russians can just sit back, watch us use up the few weapons we have, and come in and clean our clocks!

-- Jo Ann (, April 04, 1999.

We have no choice but to send ground troops in now, because the 3 captured soldiers need to be rescued. We also have to be very careful where our bombs fall or we may end up killing our own men. If Milosevic is really diabolical he could strategically place those men in critical positions to prevent any further bombing. Not good.

-- @ (@@@.@), April 04, 1999.

somebody really REALLY needs to explain to the clintonistas what fighting a ground war in the Balkans entails.

Prediction: within one month after the U.S. commits ground forces to the combat zone, the Iraqis will start getting *really* out of hand.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, April 04, 1999.

250,000 to 500,000 men required. And it's not worth it. Make no mistake, the butcher of belgrade ought to be crow-food, but it's not worth WWIII.

What about the kurds? armenians? Rwanda? Chechnya? Ethiopia? Fuh-gheddabouddit. Genocide happens.

-- foomarz (, April 05, 1999.

Rumors have persisted for a couple years that Russia plans to sell some rather potent antiair equipment (SAMs, tracking systems, launch equipment, etc.) to Greece (which will piss off Turkey, who enjoys air superiority over Grek airspace) as well as Syria (which will make Israeli air force pilots' day for the same reason.) Some say the Bildeberg types are responsible, others squawk NWO, still others say it's just economics. Whatever the reason, if countries that were dominant air-wise suddenly get their planes capped in midair, there's gonna be a lot of stuff flying and most of it will be explosive- tipped.

And then there's the historical record of Balkan region's long- standing hatreds and what eventually happens when outsiders start meddling. Can you say World Wars I and II?

If the rumors regarding Russian SAM equipment turn out to be true, that whole hemisphere will be a bad place to be for the next several years. (Assuming it's not deemed a bad place already.)

Summary: The latest thing in that part of the world might not be the worst thing that'll come up in the immediate future...

OddOne, who's glad he's on the other side of the planet even though it can still be touched by ICBMs, etc.

-- OddOne (, April 05, 1999.

This is what Mary had to say on another thread. She makes a lot of sense, from a logical perspective.

"Bubbling right up over the edge tonight.....Is the moon full yet? Please don't grace this debacle in Yugoslavia with the essence of conspiracy. Conspiracy implies forethought and planning. This mess in Yugoslavia has neither.....Incidentally, according to the Iraq Arms Inspector that quit, (I think his name was Ritter) Clinton's advisors warned him that bombing would only increase the "clensing." He ignored them.

Kosevo is about the size of Conneticut. For the price of one Stealth Bomber, we could have brought ALL the Kosevars over here, and put them in the middle of the government owned lands in the west. Saved a lot of lives, especially those of our servicemen now at risk.

Anyone who thinks we need to send ground troops in has no knowledge of the history of that area, or the military tactics that would be required to take and HOLD it.

And those of you that think its OK to advocate the ground troops because you and yours are safe from the draft, just remember that in WWII, they took them up to age 45, and married.

-- Mary (, April 04, 1999."

In response to Mary's points:-

"Conspiracy implies forethought and planning. This mess in Yugoslavia has neither..."

I beg to differ Mary - this whole push in Yugoslavia IS being orchestrated, the intention being to have the USA and allies involved in a ground war. The Pentagon warned Clinton that simple bombing would not work, that we would be drawn into a ground war, that bombing would exacerbate the refugee situation. Yet we barge in like a bull in a china shop thumbing our noses at the Russians. Greece and Turkey are now upset too, as well as the whole region.

The timing is perfect. Turmoil is what is wanted over the next couple of years. A hand is being played very well here. There are more cards waiting to be played.

"Anyone who thinks we need to send ground troops in has no knowledge of the history of that area, or the military tactics that would be required to take and HOLD it."

Again Mary - they quite certainly do know what they are getting themselves into. Clinton's Pentagon advisor's warned him but remember that Clinton is just a puppet for the real handlers - it's exactly what they want. A protracted ground war and destabilisation at home and abroad.

They are setting us all up for the next stage in the game.

-- Andy (, April 05, 1999.

Dear Foomarz ,

I'm confused .

Who is the butcher of Belgrade ?

Bill Clinton is my guess .

-- Mike (, April 05, 1999.

Andy's right: this was all planned a long time ago. The CIA trained the KLA in Macedonia, fomented this war, and troops are a fait accompli. Polls are fabricated, published in order to INFLUENCE public opinion, not measure it. I fail to see how murdering Serbian civilians with bombs aids Albanian refugees. If we truly cared about people (as opposed to power/Mammon), just think of all the hospitals, schools, houses we could have built for the price of this sickening monstrosity. (Bombing Belgrade on Good Friday--the Serbs will NEVER forget that)

-- Spidey (, April 05, 1999.

If we send in ground troops, "Chief" should be required to do his term that he missed in V.nam...hence, put his foot on the ground first leading the troops. Wonder how long he would consider sending in troops if that was the requirement.

Right or wrong I don't know. But I do know no one who is a draft dodger should be sending in our kids to be slaughtered. Make him do his time "in the foxhole"

-- Moore Dinty moore (, April 05, 1999.

I am VERY opposed to sending in ground troops to fight a war that, in my opinion has nothing to do with America. We should stay away from that entire region IMHO. If I am drafted to fight, I will flee the country. I have no loyalty to the Clinton admisitration, or to our government. That's sad, as I am a decendant of one of our country's founder's. However, IMHO, our current leadership is corrupt, andI hate the currant government, and would almost rather fight for the Serbs. Both sides are evil here, and we have no buisness in the Balkans.

-- Crono (, April 06, 1999.


If i'm drafted to fight - I "volunteer' to be on Klinton's detail - I promise to honour and protekt him, honest.

Seriously - I don't know how the real pro's deal with the m********


-- Andy (, April 06, 1999.

Definitely stay out of Yugoslavia, why intervene in the most dangerous country in the world

far worse ethnic cleansing has occurred (and still is)in Africa and all over the world, no calls to intervene there

has clinton any appreciation of history, what were his college grades in that subject

(oh yes I know he's surrounded by intelligent advisors)

-- dick of the dale (, April 06, 1999.

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