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I was at the Monster tour on Feb. 1, 1995 in Japan. I know the group has a ton of bootleg's, but I can't find one for this date. I would like to purchase it for a keep-sake. Can anyone tell me where to get this? Thank you!

-- Gabe Ettorre (ege417@webtv.net), April 03, 1999


You can get it from local music stores i.e HMV. Hope this helps

-- Lee Thomas Mainwaring (leerem1@yahoo.com), June 13, 2000.

are u sure that there available in common music stores cause i have never come accross any in normal muSic stores? the best place probably is on the net, or in other special record shops.


-- Amit B (amitb84@hotmail.com), June 17, 2000.

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