Has anybody tried cooking pizza in an iron skillet?

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I have been preparing for y2k for about 10 months. I am to the point where I am really getting down to specifics and have been working on menus. 'Trying to do a 14 day rotation of things everyone in my family enjoys. (I'm starting to can chicken tomorrow.) Though I will have a diesel generator, inverter and batteries I really plan to do my cooking on a Coleman stove or large gas grill that has a burner. We love pizza! Assuming that Pappa John's or Pizza Hut is not delivering... does anyone have any tips for cooking pizza on top of the stove?

Thanks for any ideas.

-- Menu Planner (DivotsMom@aol.com), April 02, 1999


I cook on griddles all of the time. I make a pizza as normal (tho make the dough fairly thin) and either fold it over envelope-style then flip it over to cook on other side. Sometimes I put two disks of dough, similar to the Italian calzones or sfincini. Good luck.

-- pauline jansen (paulinej@angliss.vic.edu.au), June 03, 1999.

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