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(Excerpt from latest writings at forum)

"It's different "times" that are over. At Day 500, there wasn't time to take the Fortune 5,000 (really more like the 50,000-250,000 largest business entities, federal agencies, states, cities, counties, etc.) through a proper assessment, remediation, implementation, system test, quality assurance cycle.

Day 500 pre-programmed unrepairable problems into the mega systems. Unless of course one believes that design flaws that extend through both the data and code, flaws that could not be fixed in 2 or 3 years can suddenly be fixed in a few hours. Only the most clueless nubies believes that this is true.

Since then, there has been a tremendous amount of energy expended on reporting "GREAT NEWS". In some cases, bribes have been paid to shills, ah, I mean, fees paid to media and marketing consultants.

There has been less effort expended on fixing the problem, more on denying that it exists.

For the various solutions, sell our firm to a competitor, purchase a turnkey system, outsource, hire cheap contractors, hire high priced consultants, etc, time ran out at different times.

Now, we are boxed into a corner. There is no time left for any kind of business as usual, technical solution. Perhaps there are things that can be done but the dolts who got us into this mess aren't the type who can solve it.

Here's an example.

I have a large pile of shredded compost at Site-A. Someone has been swiping it. About 500 lbs of the 1000 lbs has been taken in the last two weeks while I'm at work. I could:

0. forget about it.

1. approach my neighbor with the newly mulched flower beds. a. ask them if they know anything. b. tell them to knock it off. c. something in between a and b.

2. put up a sign, a silhouette of a man shoveling in cross-hairs.

3. take time off from consulting to keep watch over the remaining $70 of mulch (not including delivery costs.)

4. fence off the compost pile.

5. get a white plastic skeleton hand and foot from Partys R Us and bury them along with torn clothing in the compost.

The problem with the food issue is that the denial butt-heads have done the absolutely most dangerous thing. By taking a course of deny, deny, deny, they have driven Y2K food riots into the public consciousness and have told people, "I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.", "You do not have to stockpile for Y2K, food or water."

The denialists have created a self fulfilling crisis.

With over 8 months to go, you're right, aeter, we should have time to acquire nominal provisions but there is a risk.

For those who understand the risks or allow that Y2K shortages have some possibility, it's important that we get our inventory in place now. That way, we won't be part of the problem.

The more that people have cached now, the less they will be inclined to panic when *it* happens.

It's better to front load the purchases and to bias them towards a lower cost of acquisition if you aren't well on the way. This might be a good weekend to reread something like "Men Against the Sea" or "Tunnel in the Sky"

Oh, and keep a small knife with you at all times. I'm thinking a $25.00 Victorinox or a cheap knock off imitation. (this is an inside joke.)

Look to your families, community, church, friends. We can beat this thing.

cory hamasaki 273 Days, 6568 Hours, the federal government has been 100% Y2K compliant for 2 days. And PLEASE take some time off. I'll be in Hawaii next week. I'll have both 2 meters and email with me so any Y2K'ers, drop me a line or key up the Diamond Head repeater. I'll be working hard (wha-haw-haw-haw to you, DD.)

I'll also be in San Francisco this weekend, might drive over to Half Moon Bay for lunch but haven't decided yet."

-- FM (, April 02, 1999


Eh? Schwanz Ding? They didn't teach us such a term in high-school German back in prehistoric times...

-- Ed Yourdon (, April 02, 1999.


Tell me this: What's the deal about posting selections of Cory's DeeCee Weather Report before he makes it an active hyperlink from his web site? I've noticed previous excerpts posted earlier and wondered what vicarious thrills you and others experience from having the first posted excerpts. Is this ein Schwanz Ding?

-- dinosaur (, April 02, 1999.


-- dave (, April 02, 1999.

Personally I appreciate it, I'm always anxious to get Cory's thoughts and I don't surf the newsgroup much.

-- Shimrod (, April 02, 1999.

Ed, I think you and I had the same German textbook in HS:

Wo ist Peter? Peter ist im boot. Wo ist Veronika? Veronika ist im boot.


-- jhollander (, April 02, 1999.

No vicarious thrills. Just adding to the info base.

BTW, Dinosaur (real name Steven Bard) I would assume that living in Williams County, Ohio requires lots of vicarious thrills. Like attacking people on this forum.

P.S. I'm not certain Cory ever hotlinks to here. I think he's too busy.

-- FM (, April 03, 1999.

We used to have a old neighbor from Europe who was captured by and forced to fight for the Germans. He spoke several languages, so I am not sure which one "schwanz" is, but he mentioned it rather often. It means penis. So maybe this phrase means something like macho.

-- Shivani Arjuna (, April 03, 1999.


Excellent use of the search engine! My guess is you didn't care for the applied adjective "vicarious". Interesting word? Ja!

I was simply displeased that those who appreciate Cory's posts, as I do, are preempting his final "SEND" click. I feel Cory should get the cyberspace glory, yet secretly I was very pleased to read your excerpt, and I even printed out hard copy. Are you pleased?

Cory hasn't yet received my "shareware" subscription fee, so until then, you and other Cory copycat posters are OK. I just wish you'd let Cory have the first transmission from his web site. Cory is a very important GI!

Apparently it's dangerous to use German words on this forum. Unfassbar! Freddie the Freeloader posted in Dutch, and he was attacked only once by a numbskull! I have NO German Blut, so that must be one of my many failings.

All in all, continue posting, FM!

Steven Bard

post scriptus: I could hyperlink you to the factory where I work and let everyone know this manufactory sells air conditioners and heat pumps worldwide to telecommunication sites, but I don't think it's fitting to advertise on this forum. Are you willing to provide your real name to those reading your post?

Have an excellent evening. :)

Tyrannosaurus rex

-- dinosaur (, April 03, 1999.

Well, let's not flame before we know where the flame needs to be pointed. This "excerpt" is from a c.s.y2000 post by Cory, not exactly or necessarily from a WDC WRP.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 03, 1999.

from the movie "Young Frankenstein":

Inga: "This means he would have to have an enourmous 'shwanz stucker'"

Dr. Frankensteen: "Yes, of course"

Inga: "Woof!"

-- Klaus (klaus@kurt.drg), April 03, 1999.

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