9-9-99 is also a feast day.

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There is spectulation that on 9-9-99 that the computers will crash. This is because of programing code of 9's, meaning end of program, return to beginning, shut down, delete, and so on.

While looking at the calendar for this year, I also noticed that passover occured on the 1st of the month. Passover is the 15th day of the 1st month on a jewish calendar. With the 1st day beginning on the 17 day of March. This was the new moon. Now the feast of trumpets is counted as 7 new moons later. This comes out to 9-9-99. I wonder what this means, Trumpets, as in Revelation? Any comments?

-- (Boilerman7@powerhouse.com), April 02, 1999


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You need to go here. http://www.thedream.com/spirit/num_free.html

Could someone hot link this, please?

-- Reader of Crystal Ball (ball@gone.blank), April 02, 1999.


Feast of Trumpets is Rosh Hashana - Jewish New Year and some Christians think it could be a day that Rapture could occur - although no one says what year that would be.

-- Texan (Helives@ranch.com), April 02, 1999.

Normally it takes a pretty please with sugar on top, but I'm in a good mood.


-- Uncle Deedah (oncebitten@twiceshy.com), April 02, 1999.

Reader and Unk...Got a 404 not found on both links...


-- \/\/illis (justfor@infor.mation), April 02, 1999.

Once again. For the newbies, the 9th day of the 9th month year 99 is going to be a non-event from a programming standpoint. (How did this ever get started?). Computer languages will see the date as either 090999 or 990909. Get it? It is NOT all 9's.

-- RD. ->H (drherr@erols.com), April 02, 1999.

Oh well, tried to help out, but what can ya do?

Now I'm in a bad mood, no more favors!

-- Uncle Deedah (oncebitten@twiceshy.com), April 02, 1999.

The feast of trumpets is definately related to "rapture" but not necessarily this 1999 date. The spring feast have already been fulfilled. The fall feast are yet to be filled.

-- Moore Dinty moore (not@thistime.com), April 02, 1999.

A little more on RD's point. First, it is highly unlikely that a date field would be used for delete, end-of-file or whatever. Operating systems have specific "flags" to do these sort of things. It has been suggested that 09/09/99 would be used for this type of stuff, since it is a valid date and would pass any date validation routines, whereas 99/99/99 is not a valid date. However, the programmer would be very aware of this, and either would never call the validation routine, or use 99/99/99 to force an exception and take appropriate action. So I think the odds of this being a problem are very slim at best. <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), April 02, 1999.

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