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An interesting article about the new fiscal year for Canada, Japan and New York. Link


As it turned out, Canada, Japan and New York easily passed their first test, although they cautioned that it was a tiny victory since the passage of April 1 tested only the portion of their systems that deal with the fiscal year. In addition, there is still the possibility of problems emerging as their systems look deeper into the new fiscal year.

The Year 2000 Project Office for Canada's Treasury Board Secretariat reported no problems with government computer systems. "So far it's been a nonevent," said Jim Bimson of the Year 2000 office. "We haven't heard anything today, but I'm not that surprised since we really have to wait a while for some transactions to occur. Most of the computers are still working in the last fiscal year."


-- DQS (anon@anon..), April 02, 1999


Ladies and gentlemen,

Would you REALLY expect to hear any other type of comment? Please keep it in mind that with the amount of publicity and world wide attention Y2K now has, no person or organization is going to admit that they have problems unless they are absolutely forced to by circumstances.

If we hear about April 1 problems, the news will probably not surface until about June 1.

Sincerely, Apple

-- Apple (, April 02, 1999.

Let's see if the Mayor and CIO of New York City step up to the plate in a few weeks and tell us that there were NO problems with turning the corner on their new fiscal year.


-- Ray (, April 02, 1999.

The real proof of the pudding here is going to be high visibility items such as checks. Believe me, if New York State welfare recipients don't get their checks, or if the amounts of the checks are incorrect (well, too low), we will hear about it. Big time.

Remember: fiscal year 2000 rollovers do not have anything to do with embedded systems. Nothing to do with computer hardware, nor operating systems. They only affect financial applications, period.

-- Jack (, April 02, 1999.

Thanks for the reminder, Jack. It helps with trying to analyze events. Sincerely, Apple

-- Apple (, April 02, 1999.

I visited the New York State Y2k website a while back, and saw no mention that they intended to be ready by April 1, 1999. Has anybody seen any claims by Japan, Canada or New York State that suggest that they planned to be ready by April 1, 1999?

-- Dr. Roger Altman (, April 02, 1999.

I made my monthly bank deposit on March 31st, then called the next day to verify the deposit had been credited to my account. It hadn't. "AH-HAH!" I thought smugly. "I'll bet they've hit FY2000 and all heck is breaking loose with their batch processing!!" So I proceeded to make lots of calls to customer service, faxed my deposit slip to the bank's research unit, and went to the bank in person -- where they showed me the check I'd deposited, in a big bundle of similar checks . . . that had been stuck overnight in the vacuum tube connecting their drive-up unit to the bank building.

The deposit was made last night.

My wife thinks I may be getting paranoid.

On a related note, the company I work for rolled into FY2000 yesterday, and I have yet to see any abends or hear of problems from the accounting folks. As an apps programmer with on-call support responsibilities, I do keep my eye on the previous night's batch, and so far everything looks good. Doesn't mean there aren't problems, just that if they exist they aren't apparent yet. FWIW, most of our accounting stuff is IBM (S/390) based.

Gartner says the real ride will begin with the Government rollover on October 1st. Yes or no, paranoid or not, I'd still rather be prepared.


-- David S. Angal (, April 02, 1999.

"On January 1, 1999 they will experience many more, and it will be much more difficult to sweep them under the rug. On April 1, 1999 we will all watch anxiously as the governments of Japan and Canada, as well as the state of New York, begin their 1999-2000 fiscal year; at that moment, the speculation about Y2K will end, and we will have tangible evidence of whether governmental computer systems work or not."-- Ed Yourdon

"So, of course I want to see y2k bring down the system, all over the world. I have hoped for this all of my adult life." -- Gary North

-- Y2K Pro (, April 02, 1999.

Wow, Y2K "pro", you can cut and paste the same line on numerous threads. I'm truly impressed. We've been accused of shoving the "April 1st is doomsday" down your throat. Can you find any other quote or thread (from this forum) that anyone said that?

We've seen the E.Y. quote (and the G.N. quote) allready. Got anything new?

-- Arachnid (arachnid@spider.web), April 02, 1999.

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