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I have read on another thread that Windows 95 is not Y2K compliant.

I work at a MAJOR bank, and ALL of our PC's run on Windows 95. The ITS department has supposedly certified that each desktop is Y2K compliant. I even have a cute little sticker on my hard drive.

Could they have applied patches? How can I tell if they did (file dates, etc.)? Will the patches work??


-- Worried Lurker (somewhere@outhere.com), April 02, 1999


Here's what Computerworld has to say about it. <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), April 02, 1999.

Hmmm. According to PC Week:

Microsoft Corp., which released a new year 2000 testing tool on Wednesday, is preparing an update for Windows 95 intended to help IT managers make sure their desktops are Y2K OK.

The Y2K update for Windows 95 will bring the Redmond, Wash., company's most popular desktop operating system up to full Y2K compliance from its current status of "compliant with minor issues," sources said.

-- Hoffmeister (hoff_meister@my-dejanews.com), April 02, 1999.

Here is the URL for the Microsoft downloads necessary to bring Win95 into compliance. There is a problem with file handling which could result in 'lost' files if the operating system is not updated. Remember that the BIOS/RTC also needs to be checked separately. Ask your IT dept about that issue. Lots of threads on this forum about the specifics.

Microsoft Fix

-- RD. ->H (drherr@erols.com), April 02, 1999.

Microsoft updates(?) Win95 for Y2K http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4586,1014262,00.html

"There is 'some work being done' on a Y2K update, Jones acknowledged. While he would not elaborate, Jones said the technique being used for the Windows 95 update, called Windowing, is a common fix for Y2K problems."

"An exact release date for Windows 95 fix was unavailable."

So far, from what I've seen, all info is only on the net, and all patches are only downloaded from the net.

There are still a lot of users NOT on the net. Last January MFST said all of their core products were compliant. So, there are probably many, not on the net, who are operating under a false assumption. Wonder how Microsoft's gonna handle this? Seems ripe for a class action suit down the road.

From Microsoft's Y2K compliance website ...

COMPLIANT The product fully meets Microsoft's standard of compliance. May have prerequisite patch or service pack for compliance.

COMPLIANT WITH MINOR ISSUES The product meets Microsoft's standard of compliance with some disclosed exceptions that constitute minor date issues. [MFST is not planning to fix "minor issues". Except now they're gonna work on Windows95 to correct those "minor issues". Then Windows95 will become compliant with a patch.]

NOT COMPLIANT The product does not meet Microsoft's standard of compliance.

TESTING YET TO BE COMPLETED Product test is not yet complete or has not been started but will be tested.

WILL NOT TEST The product will not be tested for compliance. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/year2k/product/product.htm

Of the 2,000 products so far tested, 60% are compliant, 33% are compliant "with [what MFST considers to be] minor issues" and 7% are not compliant.

-- CK HOUSTON (compliance@confusion.com), April 03, 1999.

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