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One of the benefits of the web-based system is that the coalitions can send activists to their recruitment page to sign themselves in. In the sign in fields, should there be a space for "group affiliation" or something that will allow activists to specify which group within the coalition they are a member of? I know some of the coalition partner groups want to be able to know which group the activists belogn to.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 1999


We are not providing a sign up entry space for group affiliation at this time. What I can suggest is that instead of asking for a Company name -at time of signup- , we could ask for an organization name. I think that would work.

However for orgs that are part of a coalition if they want to be more strict about their list management I reccomend to set them up as an individual action network; like so they would receive their own individual signup page.

They (the indidual org) would have to coordinate with the Coalition manager to periodically upload their data and keep their activists up to date (unless the coalition manager also manages the group list).

In the future we might consider a signup page for coalitions where the user checkmarks the org(s) that she belongs to. But not at this point.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 1999

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