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Could someone PLEASE let me know if they know of any message boards like this only dealing with the war in Kosovo! Pleasae let me know ASAP! Also...Please let me know what any of you think about the latest developments!


-- P (p@p.p), April 01, 1999


The latest developements confirm what we all knew in our hearts - Clinton is a traitor who is dragging this country down. How far it'll go who knows. Personally, I say we have no business there - but we at least should fight to win or get out, not just shoot missles and drop bombs then say "Well, I guess we'll go home now."

It is scary because it can still go either way - escalate to WWIII or be over next week. Only time will tell.

-- Jon Johnson (, April 01, 1999.

It's not exactly a message board, but you can find messages from Yugoslavia (Serbia and Kosovo) in the Red Rock Eaters archives. You can subscibe from there (as well as find out what it means.) RRE is a newsletter sent out by a UCLA professor.

What's happening there is very terrible, and I think Clinton has miscalculated. There have been books written about it/

A side effect of the war is that Russia (traditionally allied with the Serbs, with whom they share language and religion) has withdrawn from cooperating with the US on ensuring that Y2K will not lead to an accidental nuclear war.

-- fran (, April 01, 1999.

there are several forums listed at :

scroll to the very bottem of their page and they have links to forums that have to do with what's happening in Kosovo

-- andrea (, April 02, 1999.

For a superb news and analysis page (thanks Diane) go to




-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 02, 1999.

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