Florida residents. Governor Jeb Bush claims 99% compliance on Govt computers. This is incredible. Did anyone tell him that computers need electricity and that Tallahassee electric utilities are only 25% finished per article

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in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel dated around March 1,1999. That article quote the Florida Public Service Commission for that analysis. This is amazing. He has only been Governor since January and he either did not realize the true situation or he is telling the public a big line of B S like most politicians. I had hoped that he would be better than that. Even if the State computers are 99% fixed which is not likely, the Comptrollers Office IN TALLAHASSEE issues the warrants (checks) for most State Agencies and with no electricity, the checks will not arrive even if the Post Office happens to be functioning which is not likely either. Wake up people. The systems are not fixed. What happens if the Federal Social Security, retirement, welfare, veterans benefits, etc. checks do not arrive for whatever reason? Do people have money to buy food? Will the stores be open? Will the banks be functioning? The government can not stock enough food for all of the people for more than a few days. Then what happens? Mr. Bush could have told the truth since he was not Governor when the problem could have been fixed thanks to the theft of the election by the Democrat party by a campaign to scare elderly voters by making phone calls to make them think that Mr. Bush would reduce Social Security benefits if he were elected in 1994. Will we be able to get the corruption out of politics before it is too late?

-- Incredulous (b@bb.wow), April 01, 1999

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