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To see the essay on gold shorts click thru the Midas Table. This essay claims that Goldman Sachs (which happens to be Sec Treas Robert Rubin alma mater) is leading a consortium that has been selling gold futures short to the tune of (if I recall correctly) is 9000 tons of gold sold short or roughly three times annual gold global gold production.

GATA is the Gold Anti Trust Association - it may be a .org instead of a .com... GATA is said to be working wiht US Senator Saxton to investigate illegal manipulation of world gold prices.

The Y2K tie in is: If gold was selling higher at something like $1000 per ounce than more people would be taking Y2K seriously.

Does any lister here have corroberating(sp) support of the gold shorts?

If, once sold short, these contracts need to be covered, ie bought back, won't that move the price of gold uyp in a hurry and imp[act other markets?

Best regards, Bill P

-- Bill P (, April 01, 1999


Sorry, I thought I knew how to set a link.

-- Bill P (, April 01, 1999.

may i ask what good is gold if we are going to be living the way we are going to be with out the basic things we have always been used to like food electricty,water,tolits, seems to me there will not be any thing to buy or worth buying.

-- susie Q (, April 01, 1999.

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