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That our gov is screaming that Yugoslavia is using our 3 soldiers for propaganda purposes by putting them on T.V., yet here in the good old USA, you cannot turn on the TV or go to a news web site without seeing their images???

For what purpose, if not propaganda against Yugoslavia?


-- Roland (, April 01, 1999


been a lurker for a long time. Thank you GI's for all of the wonderful information. It now seems that the time has come to use it.We will be at war soon, and most of us will be dead 15 minutes later. People will argue for a long time about our demise. weather it was appropriate that Nero II was fiddling with who know whom, when the US was destroyed. That will be for the survivors to decide. I wish it could have been different. It really is too bad that too few woke up too late. Thank you again to all of GI's that have been screaming for so long. Not to sound trite, but I hope that all that read this post find peace with God. We're going to need it.

-- Tired (WAR@whatareyou.goodfor), April 01, 1999.

Quote from

"No one has ever succeeded at keeping nations at war except by lies" -- Salvador de Madariaga

Also: "War is the health of the state" (author ??)

-- me (, April 01, 1999.

"We will be at war soon, and most of us will be dead 15 minutes later." I didn't know the Yugoslavs had nuclear capability. Can anyone confirm that...?

Yes, I know. April fool to you too. Let's all keep our sense of humor along with the rice, beans, propane & ammunition.

-- this is (really@pretty.silly), April 01, 1999.

Nope, not at all. This is just business as usual. If we do it, it's "disseminating information" or "broadcasting news". If they do it it's spin, lies or propaganda. Same old same old. As long as the herd grazes peacefully it'll be fine, really.

By the way, it's NOT a war, not yet. Congress hasn't declared one. And that puts our folks there in theater in a very sticky legal position, because they are not necessarily legally combatants. Remember what happened to "American air pirates" in North Vietnam???? Well, you may get a replay in the Balkans.

It's a shame Congress won't jerk King Willie up short. Of course, if they did all the blackmail info from the 'misplaced' FBI files would come out and we'd see that they're every bit as dirty as the pres is. Support the troops indeed- this is the stupidest excuse for 'policy' I've ever heard of. Welcome to the ground war, folks. Just pray it's not time for WW3 yet. THAT would make 2k totally irrelevant.

-- (li', April 01, 1999.

The news media is playing Clinton's game - again.

Exactly opposite their motives and methods used in opposing the Vietnam War. By the same people who opposed it them. Because the people who organized their opposition then, are the ones that are demanding the military fight this one. Making the same mistakes that Johnson and Kennedy did.

-- Robert A Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, April 01, 1999.

Of all the places on this earth that an outside power should never have tried to fight, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Balkans are at the top of my list.

Not for any "moral" reasons, sad to say. But the Vietnamese once fought China for over 100 years in order to throw them out of the country.

The Afghani fought the British to a standstill for over 100 years, while fighting incessently among themselves.

The Balkans, Yugoslavia in particular, tied up about 24 German divisions in WWII. I have heard German casualty figures stated as high as 700,000.

None of these are safe people to try to "bluff" or threaten into negotiations. They will pay the price. Are we willing to? I hope not. It will not solve the problems of the area.

-- Jon Williamson (, April 01, 1999.

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