Y2K the Movie?

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My apologies if this has been posted before. I have heard the rumor that there would be a y2k movie(s) this summer/fall, but this is the first I have seen anything specific on it. Just what we need, a cheesy movie......

Y2K - The Movie

-- Online2Much (ready_for_y2k@mindspring.com), April 01, 1999


Great. A one size fits all solution. This is going to be real fiction

Breezed through the site, not impressed. I'll go see the movie anyway.


-- Brian (imager@ampsc.com), April 01, 1999.

Sooooooo stoooooopid.


-- jhollander (hollander@ij.net), April 01, 1999.

How good could it be?,,a few minutes of people sitting around watching a clock count down then the screen goes dark.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), April 01, 1999.

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