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I have a Generac 4000XL and I am deciding on getting a propane conversion kit. I am looking for responses from other generator owners who have converted their gensets. I wish to know about performance, overall satisfaction, problems, etc. Thanks in advance.

-- Buffalo Bon (, April 01, 1999


Talk to the people at Carburation Supply, Dallas, tx 1-800-433-2272.

-- sal estrada (, April 01, 1999.

I converted a Honda ES6500 to propane a couple of years ago and it works fine. I understand it only delivers about 90% of the max output if run on gasoline but I haven't had any difficulties running everything in the house except the air conditioning (my only 220 application - oven, range and dryer are gas). I bought one of Honda's transfer switches to isolate the generator from the outside line. The propane kit installed was about $200 and the transfer switch and cables came to another $300. Works for me. BTW - once you convert to propane you can't use gasoline unless you remove the carb block. Also, you have to run full pressure to the regulator on the propane kit. You can't bring your line in after the house regulator.


-- skeets (, April 01, 1999.

Buffalo Bon, Your choice is a sound one. LPG is a portable fuel and can be stored forever. It does not break down like other fuels. We have been running Genrac 15 & 25KW units at all of our plants for years on LPG. Even though we are bias to LPG we have been setting up over 50 Police,fire and utility towers on back-up LPG over the past 2 years as back-up to their natural supply. As the generac will run either or with minor conversion cost.(under $150.00). You will not be disapointed. You can visit our web-site at for safety info on lpg, and any other questions can be directed to our site. Good Luck

-- Propane Answer Man (, April 02, 1999.

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