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relevant quote:

"Less than 18 months ago, Statistics Canada conservatively estimated that it would cost Canada about $12-billion to fix the year 2000 computer problem.

But two months ago, Treasury Board President Marcel Massi said the price will likely climb to $50-billion and that the federal government alone will spend $2-billion on the problem.

The upward revisions reflect the difficulty of putting together an accurate year 2000 budget. Many companies have quietly boosted their budgets as they get a better handle on the costs involved.

John Burns, vice-president of projects with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, says the magnitude of the problem and the resources needed to address it weren't fully understood when companies initially put together their year 2000 spending forecasts.

Now, they're discovering it's an increasingly expensive exercise. "When you finish the work, you add it up and find it was more than you anticipated," he says."

-- Arlin H. Adams (, April 01, 1999


And not one of them - worldwide, no body, no agency, no governmetn, no company - has yet claimed it was a waste of time, money or effort.

Gee - what would have happened if they didn't spend the money?

Why is everybody so afraid to do a full-up integrated systems test on their un-remediated systems? I thought fix-on-failure was easy....after all, millions of businesses and agencies have that as their primary operation.......

Thank for the reference Arlin. 30% trolls in the new postings today - and none provided any evidence that problems have been fixed. Lots of claims - but no evidence.

-- Robert A Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, April 01, 1999.

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