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__________ Posting a snip from the hacked site


Yugoslavia is informing its listeners and Internet users throughout the world that the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has dramatic proportions. Murderers and criminals, organized under the name of NATO, are shooting at civilian targets in our country. The reason for doing so is obviously to inflict material damage on the economy, roads and all other assets. Their desire is to destabilize our country and undermine the unity of our people, army and state leadership, and to try to conquer us.

Such an aggression and bestiality have not been seen since the time of concentration camps in World War II. The criminals' missiles are falling on schools full of children, hospitals with people being treated in them, roads are being destroyed so that many places are being left without food. They are bringing down transmission lines, so as to leave the people without electricity, and using chemical weapons in order to cause as great a pain and suffering of the population as possible. They are cutting the major waterworks and targeting factories using chemical raw materials.

It is the Serbs, Montenegrins, Albanians, Turks, Muslims, Gorancies, Romanies and all those living in our country that are suffering the consequences of the acts by NATO criminals.

Bill Clinton and his collaborator - Javier Solana, are justifying all this with the need to protect democracy. The message of all the citizens of Yugoslavia, the Serbs, Albanians and Montenegrins alike, to them is to stop protecting our democracy. Our state is eight centuries older than the United States. All Yugoslav citizens say to them that they will remain steadfast in support of their army, their state and their president, Slobodan Milosevic. And a message to them from all the citizens of Yugoslavia is that we never lost wars and that our retaliation against those who had attacked us, has always been painful.


Well it appears the internet war is continuing.....

-- helium (, April 01, 1999


er, helium, we're talking Art Bell, here - how do you know he didn't allow them to post that?


-- Arlin H. Adams (, April 01, 1999.

I don't think that this looks like an April fool's joke

I followed a couple of the links and it appears to be a very pro yogoslavia site. with A lot of detail.....

There are some very good hackers out there and if you were trying to reach a big audiance Bell's site would be a good choice, particularly as he is out on vacaion this week and may not be there to "fix" the site.....

It is April 1, Time will tell

-- helium (, April 01, 1999.

Bell and company "hacked" it themselves... admission here.


-- sparks (, April 01, 1999.

Art Bell's website is back to "as normal as it can be". they are admitting to the prank.

The Art Bell website pulled an April Fools Prank on itself. The page shown below replaced the normal entry page for for 12 hours starting at midnight April 1st, until noon. Many were fooled and several news agencies tried to inquire about the situation. We were listed on and as being hacked. And even a paragraph was added about us in the BBC story about the NATO web site problems. We were also featured in this MSNBC story. We reprint the hacked page here, with comments we received during the twelve hour siege at the end of this page.

Here are Art's comments on the April Fools Day prank and on the situation in Kosovo.

-- Roland (, April 01, 1999.

Art's comments....

April 1st Joke?

The "Hack" seen on this site was a April 1st prank by myself and Keith Rowland, however it was also to make a point. Though I do not agree in any way with what the Serbs are REPORTED to be doing, it is none of our damn business.

The U.N. MIGHT make a case for intervention when one Nation invades another, as a Libertarian, even that causes me pause. To bomb until the Serbs agree to change their internal policy is folly. Will we bomb for a few more days, weeks, months? Will we declare victory if they agree to talk? Will that end differences that have been festering longer then we have been a Nation? Is this the "NEW WORLD ORDER"? I want no part of it.

If we must act beyond our own borders, then let us help those displaced by the madness. The real flow of refugees did not begin until our "goodwill bombing" began. Is our next act to be American troops on the ground? Would you see your Son or Daughter die to change attitudes in Serbia?

If War is to begin once again in Europe that is sad indeed, we should not light the fuse.

If this IS the "NEW WORLD ORDER", then where were we when a half million Africans were hacked to death? Where were we when millions were slaughtered in Cambodia? The World is not a nice place and OUR BOMBS will not make it so.

-- Art Bell

See also AP story: Rights group: Rwandan genocide could have been prevented

-- Roland (, April 01, 1999.

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