Y2k in Japan, question for our resident correspondent PNG

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Can PNG give us an update on the current Y2k situation in Japan. I have been given the impression that they have been modifying systems over the years to deal with the problem as a matter of normal maintenance rather than leaving it to the last moment as we do over here. Is this true, are there any recent threads on the subject. BTW hope all is well with PNG in "crime free" Japan.

-- dick of the dale (rdale@coynet.com), April 01, 1999


Richard, you can find his latest here:


PNG's Japan Y2K Perspective

Essentially what you siad is about right.

-- De (delewis@inetone.net), April 01, 1999.

Peter Gauthier's assessment of the Y2K problem in Japan has generally been anything but cheery.

In December, the Japanese govt.'s own financial watchdog agency, the Financial Services Agency, said that nearly half of Japan's 19 largest banks had completed only 25% of "needed repairs" on their computer systems. It is generally conceded that small and medium Japanese banks are lagging further behind.

-- Don Florence (dflorence@zianet.com), April 01, 1999.

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