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The renewal for Gary's Remnant Review came today. I am declining to renew. Not because I don't believe that we are in for a rough time. It's just that he seems to be still trying to get subscribers to move off of dead center. A noble cause I might add. But I already "got it" almost 2 years ago. Have been prep'n ever since. The amount of new info or insight is very small for the cost of the subscription. I almost wish he had another news letter (name it GI???)with more information for those of us who have got it and want other insight and help in that direction.

To be fair I have let a lot of other subs lapse as they also, while entertaining were just distractions and a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Any other Remnant Review readers that feel this way? Or are you still getting enough bang for the buck to keep the sub going?


-- LM (, March 31, 1999


I bought a two-year sub to Remnant Review last May, so when it expires there will be no decision to make. It does seem to be leaning heavily toward the unprepared lately, and he appears to be having difficulty filling the required number of pages. My main complaints, though, are the outrageously overpriced products, and the fact that his "spokessalesman" gave bad advice when touting food from Future Foods. Their food is good, but if I hadn't seen an offer for it elsewhere, I would have thought it was available only in huge quantities. Also, it cost more to buy it through North's offer. When I posted this info before, people jumped all over me for being a troll and for criticizing Gary when he has a right to make a living, and told me I don't HAVE to buy what he sells. That is certainly true, but the commodity I have purchased from him is advice, and I expect that advice to be the best he can give. Buying hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of the "absolutely necessary," overpriced stuff he touts would only divert money from more reasonable preps, and I can't have confidence in his advice when I discover that he is charging more than I would have to pay elsewhere for the exact same product and not telling me about the more convenient quantity. (By the way, I do recommend the storable rice/soy casseroles from Future Foods 612-504-2930. Just don't buy them through Gary North.) I am grateful to Dr. North for spreading the word about Y2K and causing me to understand it better, and I don't regret subscribing, but I can see why you wouldn't want to renew at this time.

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, March 31, 1999.

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