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Your favorite and mine, Peter "I changed my mind cause they gave me some fried chicken" DeBugger was on ABC spreading his gospel that there will be no problems come Jan.1, 1999...He is 99.9 percent sure that is. Maybe after the government recalls his lifetime pass to the Sizzler foodbar back, he might change his mind again.

-- PurpleDonkey (, March 31, 1999


Thank God we solved that Y1999 problem! <:)=

-- Sysman (, March 31, 1999.

I am sooooo confused! 99.9% sure! How can that be! I have not been 99.9% sure about anything since I became a GI. How come suddenly the dog that barked first is now tucking in his tail and agreeing with the cat. (whaaaat the hell did I just say?) oh well, you know what I mean. Don't you? Pleeeeeeeze tell me that you do!

-- shellie ;D (, March 31, 1999.

I understand. Maybe we're soulmates.

-- Oboy (Oboy@oboy.oboy), March 31, 1999.

oops...I meant Jan.1. 2000, not 1999

-- PurpleDonkey (, March 31, 1999.


I've never been 99.9% sure about anything,,,DI or not.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), March 31, 1999.

Dang! I was hoping for information on a good (and preferably inexpensive) debugger. A good debugger is hard to find and immensely valuable.

Shoulda known, I guess. It's just kids calling names as usual.

-- Flint (, March 31, 1999.

Well....let's see...I am 99.9% sure that we can't expect a straight answer from Clinton. Yea, I guess that's about all I can really be sure of. Go figure our leader,huh.

-- shellie ~{;^D (, March 31, 1999.

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