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There is a more established discussion group at www.remarq.com. Go to that site and search for the goupr called alt.tv.aeon-flux, and you will see a whole bunch of discussions there.


-- Jay (jk5177@hotmail.com), March 31, 1999


This "more established" dicussion is nothing more than a web posting of newsgroup messages, including all the spam.

-- Chaos Knight (chaosknight@cablecomm-pa.com), March 31, 1999.

Jesus H. Christ on toast with apple butter! Half those posters are morons! Plus you need a password, which is always marginally irritating. I like this place much better.

-- Frostbite (foo@bar.com), April 04, 1999.

I've started an Aeon Flux Forum at the Yahoo! clubs page. Its at - http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/aeonfluxforum Hope you like it. It has a basic message board and a CHAT ROOM.

-- Keith G. Redhead (redhed@globalnet.co.uk), April 08, 1999.

And if anyone is interested, the D.S. Chatroom, which bears a striking resemblence to IRC, is at


I'll try to stop in whenever I can.

-- Chaos Knight (chaosknight@cablecomm-pa.com), April 08, 1999.

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