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Tuesday March 30, 8:59 am Eastern Time

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IT Managers' Y2K Worries Subside-Computerworld Reports 77% Will be Ready On Jan. 1, 2000

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 30, 1999--With a little more than nine months to go, information technology (IT) managers are increasingly confident that their companies will beat the year 2000 problem before the clock strikes midnight.

Computerworld newspaper surveyed over 200 IT managers and found that 77% of those surveyed believe all of their organization's information systems will be ready to handle the date change. This finding is up from 71% in October 1998 and 66% in September 1998. Even better is that both small and large firms report an average of 97% of their systems will be compliant.


``What percentage of your company's information systems do you expect will be fully compliant by January 1?''

                     Small Firms
                (100 to 499 Employees)

    September 1998                     96.9%
    October 1998                       98.1%
    March 1999                         98.7%

                        Large Firms
                  (500 or More Employees)

     September 1998                      97.1%
     October 1998                        97.1%
     March 1999                          98.4%

Contingency Plans

``Have you developed, or do you plan to develop, contingency plans in the event of a year 2000 related failure?''

                     Small Firms

    Yes                                 80%
    No                                  18%
    Don't Know                          2%

                        Large Firms

     Yes                                  89%
     No                                   11%

Nation's Economy

Computerworld also found that IT pros are more confident that the year 2000 will not make any significant impact on the nation's economy -17% foresee less of an impact or no impact at all.

Computerworld is the newspaper for information technology leaders. For further information or to speak with a Computerworld editor, please contact Nicole Goodnow at (781) 239-0057 or

     Marenghi & Associates
     Nicole Goodnow,781/239-0057

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-- Norm (, March 31, 1999

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