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relevant quote:

"Foreign Affairs has been studying the economic impact of the millennium bug on Canadian trade, and the risks for citizens overseas.

Dozens of industry associations and Canadian companies were polled by federal researchers for their analysis of what could happen when calendars roll over next January.

A source close to the project, which has been kept under wraps, said Chile, South Africa and New Zealand have been identified as areas of concern.

All three countries harvest produce in December and ship it to Canada in January.

Exporters of Canadian pork products to Asia have also been singled out. Year 2000 experts have been critical of Asia's record on preparing systems for the date change.

Among the biggest risks to imports and exports are ships that transport goods.

Ocean-going vessels contain thousands of computer chips, navigational computers and ship-to-shore communication systems that could be vulnerable."

-- Arlin H. Adams (, March 30, 1999


"Experts warn of Y2K trade upheaval - Each nation's problem will become a global one"

-- Kevin (, March 30, 1999.

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