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While talking to our company insurance rep. I asked him about Y2K. He said his firm did not want to talk about it. That they were afraid of what would happen. I asked him about the loss of production clause on our policy, and his reply was, " we are trying to find a way with our legal department to get out of that clause. Because if all the production would stop in all factories, it would bankrupt them. Since they insure all the equipment in the plant, heavy metal stamping, and painting and plating parts, I asked him what will the insurance co ask us to do? His reply was that they will recomemd that we drain all water out of all piping in all equipment, dispose of all liquids that will freeze, drain the fire system, boilers, city water lines, production coolant lines, cooling towers, waste treatment system, all plating tanks, and paint system. My reply was that this would take 2 or 3 months, let alone processing the concentrated solutions in the plating baths, and the thousands of gallons of paint in the paint bath, along with all the concentrated chemicals in the parts wash tunnel. His reply, as long as you have it all secure before the power goes off. He also said that these were recomended things to do. By this statment. If we do not do what they say, we will not be insurred.

-- (, March 30, 1999

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