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Russian military officials late on Monday night accused the United States of testing a new secret weapon in Yugoslavia -- a weapon that is somewhere between conventional and nuclear!

"The United States is using Yugoslavia as a test range for its latest secret means of destruction," representatives of the Russian Defense ministry told reporters late Monday night.

The Pentagon refused immediate comment.

Russia claims that a bomb tested in Yugoslavia radically differs from conventional weapons. "It was created in Los Alamos and is aimed to destroy radio electronic equipment," the TASS newswire reported in Tuesday flashes.

The military said that the bomb generates an electric impulse similar to electromagnetic fluctuations caused by a nuclear explosion.

They added that the bombs are being carried by two strategic B-2 bombers of the Stealth technology. Russian military officials provided no other details.

FOOTNOTE: This late night report from Russia's newswire service continues a strange trend that has developed in the past week. By night, the ITAR-TASS wire moves provocative scare stories -- many on Russian plans for military maneuvers. [On the first night of NATO bombings in Kosovo, TASS shocked with a report that Moscow was considering moving nuclear weapons to southern regions of Russia. Late night reports that Russian ships were maneuvering also created intrigue.] But during daylight hours in Moscow, TASS, the official state news agency for Russia, turns more diplomatic, most military talk vanishes. There appears to be two forces at work inside of the Kremlin, the main source for TASS military reports. A dark and cold-warlike force appears to be operating at night when Yelstin and his close advisers are sleeping. Due to expanding information technology, these provocative late night stories quickly move outside of Russia and instantly bounce throughout the world. In the morning, Yelstin and others rush news releases that completely counter the reports that surface on TASS at night. May the sun always rise.

-- a (a@a.a), March 30, 1999


If one can dismantle their electrical and/or technical abilites with such a bomb, its far better than dismantling people, I would think.

Got candles?

-- Taz (, March 30, 1999.

As I posted before, info on E-bomb technology can be found at:

-- No No (, March 30, 1999.

That link above:

Non-Lethal weapons are THE thing most useful for controlling one's OWN population.

But it helps to test them out first.

Maybe we started this war so we could test out our cool stuff prior to Y2K.

You know, complaining because we have a weapon that knocks out electronics is pretty ludicrous. It's okay to blow up human beings but it's not okay to disable their radios? What kind of logic is that?

(I'm ignoring the fact that certain strong EM pulses can also liquify your bodily organs. Picky, picky.)

PJ in TX

-- PJ Gaenir (, March 30, 1999.

Guess who else has this pulse weapon folks?

That's right...China.

They stole it from Los Alamos, and got delivery technology from Loral by presidential order.

I know, us Clinton-hating meanies are just trying to stain this president's legacy. The Dow is over 10,000 - You got your SUV....China is our friend. Clinton said so. So who cares if they got some stupid weapon that kills computers, and radar. I don't use either. It's better than killing people.

Hope these dumb morons don't miss their SUV's, their stock portfolios, their daytime soaps, their favorite CD's, use of an ATM machine or even a calculator. EMP destroys them all. No cars, no power, nothing electronic.

And the good and benevolent Chineese contributors to the Clinton/Gore campaign now have this technology. They paid for the delivery systems.

I know you don't care. But you will.

We might experience "Y2K-like disruptions" long before next Winter.

-- INVAR (, March 30, 1999.

I have been storing critical data on CD-R media, rather than magnetic media (such as Zips or floppies) for some time out of fear of EMP. CD-Rs are cheap, and it removes one round from the gattling-gun we are currently playing Russian-roulette with.

-- Anonymous99 (, March 30, 1999.

the russians have been playing around with EMP far longer than we have... maybe its the serb boys who're using EMP to shoot down 117's...

-- Foundapenut (, March 30, 1999.


Man, I don't want to consider how close you might be. (you live in Georgia?)

Spidey offered a nice theoretical autopsy on another thread, believe it was "The bombing has started..."

Chilling as the ramifications of EMP might be, I surely welcome it as the new deterrent, replacing nukes, if possible. Would that not be wonderful? Not "nuke 'em till they glow", but "EMP 'em till they go back to farmin'" ?

-- Lisa (, March 30, 1999.

Weren't they going to do a full-scale HAARP test last week? HAARP can certainly play havoc with radio communications, and, I understand it correctly, focused atmospheric charge can induce surface magnetic disruptions. Or is it just geomagnetic?

-- Spidey (, March 30, 1999.


You're second guess was right, it's geomagnetic, not surface magnetic effects. About testing HAARP last week, which test was this? I'm aware of a worldwide radio reception test due sometime this spring that was going to use HAARP for "before and after" comparisons. I haven't heard of a published date. I'd be interested to hear how shortwave is affected by HAARP for myself.


-- Wildweasel (, March 30, 1999.

I have some doubt as to whether this weapon truly exists. Even if true, its effects can be countered by proper shielding and bypassing techniques. "Proper shielding" may mean building a Faraday cage around your home theater, but hey...

-- sparks (, March 30, 1999.


Perhaps you would enlighten us as to how the typical householder can implement EMP protection measures. A Faraday cage is not that hard to make, but how do you protect your electrical system? That cord leading into your appliances will conduct the pulse just fine.

-- Bill (, April 02, 1999.

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