79% or 56% of systems at agencies now compliant?

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Here's another article about the number of mission-critical systems at government agencies being redefined downward. Some specific numbers are mentioned. This article is new, but the figures on current compliance seem to be from Rep. Stephen Horn's most recent report card.

A few snips...


Monday March 29 1:01 PM ET

No. of Y2K 'Critical' Systems Drops

By CHRIS ALLBRITTON AP Cyberspace Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - As the federal government approaches Wednesday's deadline for inoculating its ``mission-critical computers'' against the millennium bug, it turns out that some missions aren't so critical after all.

A study of the numbers of systems potentially vulnerable to the so-called Y2K bug shows that about one-third of them have simply dropped off the ``mission-critical'' list in recent months.


In August 1997, the government listed 9,100 mission-critical systems, and its overall rating stood at 19.3 percent compliant, according to the General Accounting Office.

Since then, the government says, 3,298 systems have been fixed, and about 79 percent of its mission-critical systems are compliant.

But that figure would have been only 55.6 percent had 3,323 systems not been dropped or redefined, the GAO figures show.


Overall, of the 9,100 systems, 3,298 have been fixed, 3,323 redefined, and the rest are still being worked on, the GAO said.


-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), March 30, 1999


It's all a joke. What about all those 10's of thousands on non- critical systems? Can we, or do they, really assume that 100% of those non-crits, non-remediated non-crits, have no interaction with those systems deemed crit?

There is a two sided campaign going on. The obvious one is to bring the total crit system to a lower number, thereby cooking the remediated percentages of compliance. The second is more subtle. By focusing completely upon crit systems and compliance they have succeeded admirably in diverting nearly everyone's attention from the very real fact that their non-crit system interact with, and probably have interfaces with, their crit systems. Anyone heard about the progress on the non-crit systems?

Compliance, yeah, right. We will find out later. Color me cynical in this case.

-- Mitchell Barnes (spanda@inreach.com), March 30, 1999.

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