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First relevant quote:

"Among SRS systems that won't meet Wednesday's deadline are those controlling operations at the Defense Waste Processing Facility and its reprocessing ``canyons,'' according to the March 18 report. The facility superheats highly radioactive liquid waste into a glass suitable for long-term storage. The reprocessing canyons, named for their long, narrow shape, separate useful nuclear materials from waste."

Second relevant quote:

"Auditors examined 84 systems that SRS officials said were Y2K-compliant, finding problems with 24 of them, Mr. Ryan said.

In some cases, systems were deemed Y2K-ready even though errors had occurred in tests to determine compliance, Mr. Ryan said.

The errors were serious enough to prevent the systems from working properly after 2000, he said.

``You can't have that,'' Mr. Ryan said during a telephone interview Friday. ``The system's not compliant if the errors affect its functionality.''

Auditors found that poor records sometimes were kept of tests to determine systems' compliance, Mr. Ryan said.

``The testing documentation varied widely, in the General Accounting Office's opinion,'' he said. ``Some were very, very detailed, but in some cases the test results and procedures weren't signed and weren't clear.''

Some systems didn't have plans for tests at all, Mr. Ryan said."

-- Arlin H. Adams (, March 29, 1999

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