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The NRA ILA (National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action) has confirmed in a fax alert some information I previously posted to the forum, based on a number of telephone conversations I had with importers and distributors last week. For those who like documentation, sources etc. (and good on yer I say):

The rumors have led to some shortages, however, and have provoked a certain amount of panic buying. ===================================================================

AMMUNITION BAN RUMORS Contrary to widespread rumors, the President has not implemented any new ban on ammunition imports. There has, however, been a delay in the processing of some import permit applications for ammunition and magazines. Under the Arms Export Control Act, the Administration has forbidden imports of guns, gun parts, and ammunition made in the U.S. and shipped overseas under military assistance programs. The State Department is now trying to extend that policy to goods that they suspect were built with licensed U.S. technology -- for example, ammunition made on an overseas assembly line that a Cold War ally set up under license from the State Department. Bottom line: the Clinton/Gore administration is still trying to use foreign policy to attack the firearms industry. NRA-ILA will continue to work with the Congress to change this policy and defend the interests of American gun owners."


-- (li', March 29, 1999

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