HENRY KISSINGER intends to withdraw all his money as 2000 nears

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From March 20, 1999 Business Life, in an article written by Caroline Merrell. Michael Foot from The Finacial Services Authority admitted that 12 large financial institutions are so far behind in their preparations to cope with the millenium that he is threatening to close them down. Until now the Bank of England has insisted that Britains financial institutions were coping with the bug. Now it is clear that the truth is very different. Suddenly, those individuals who have insisted that they will be withdrawing all their cash from the bank before the end of the year do not seem to be so misguided. At a high-powered millennium meeting in Washington recently, delegates were stunned to hear Henny Kissinger announce that he intended to withdraw all his money from the bank as 2000 nears. Mr. Foot's statement this week has fueled fears that lesser mortals will follow the former United States Secretary of States lead. Article goes on with discussion about Gwynneth Flower and Robin Guenier take on the situation.

-- thinkIcan (thinkIcan@make.it), March 29, 1999


I too am looking for verification on this article. This article was sent to me and I'm passing it on.

-- thinkIcan (thinkIcan@make.it), March 29, 1999.

There has already been a thread on this. It's from the Sunday March 21 London Times, I think. I know it was in a UK publication. If you'll look back to last Sunday or Monday you should be able to find the thread.


-- Rusty (eeford@bellsouth.net), March 29, 1999.

The whole story can be found on Sanger's reveiw, as it was one of the ten top stories of the week on his site. I apologize for the duplication. Sorry.

-- thinkIcan (thinkIcan@make.it), March 29, 1999.

"It's from the Sunday March 21 London Times, I think."

IF memory serves, it was in the London Telegraph. The Telegraph is one of those grocery-store tabloids, but not as bad. The London Times is the English equivalent of the Washington Post, or NY Times, if memory serves.

In either case, the London Times is more respectable than the London Telegraph.

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous.com), March 29, 1999.

Anonymous .. it was the Times
 http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/tim/99/03/ 20/timbizbli02004.html?2215803

-- Dan (DanTCC@Yahoo.com), March 29, 1999.

Anon, easy to make that mistake. The Times is now a tabloid dressed in elegant typeset; it was bought by Rupert Murdoch. The Telegraph is a much better paper, the Financial Times even better.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), March 29, 1999.

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