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HI! My name is Dana, and I am a commercial photographer in LA. I have recently been accepted into a gallery show, and would like to print an image of mine onto a sheet of glass. To be honest, it's been YEARS (more than I'd like to admit) since I've last experimented with alternative processes. I was wondering if you had any ideas of how to archivally print onto glass. I would sincerely appreciate any information that you are willing to share with me on this subject. THAN

-- (, March 29, 1999


I have printed on glass using Liquid Light from the Rockland corporation. It has been ten years since I did this so I'm not real clear on the how too's. I think there are very good directions with this product, I used it on paper, tin, rocks, glass and fabric. Check on the web, I think Freestyle sales carry this product. Good Luck

-- Kirk Eck (, April 14, 1999.

Kodak still makes glass plates, mostly for holography and astronomical use. If you can work at 8 X 10 and smaller, and can make (or buy in with others) for Kodak's minimum size orders, give them a try...

-- (, April 17, 1999.

I hate to bring this up again, but, there is a good source for alot of these processes and thier step by step instruction. Theresa Airey's book Creative printmaking, available at barnes and noble ( that's where I got mine) has detailed info on silver print and liquid light. I prefer silverprint because you can dilute it for different effects. Both are a powder until yu heat them with warm water.( put the whole sealed bottle in, I don't mean to add water to it) Anyway I have never tried glass but it sounds like a cool idea. The only thing is that you only get the silver on the glass, in other words there will be empty spots in you image if you don't choose one carefully. For example if there are too many whites...I'm not sure it just seems like that's what would happen. I don't know how you would make it lightfast. Or archival. Good question...

-- martha goldsmith (, August 31, 1999.

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