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Project that was begun years ago is in 'disarray,' consultant's report says


-- Steve Hartsman (, March 29, 1999


Thanks Steve, first thing that comes to my alleged mind is how many more government and industry projects will suffer the same demise.


-- Ray (, March 29, 1999.

2 - 3 million for a relatively small pension system? ROFLMAO!! If the necessary data is on any database(s), flat file(s), ISAM, VSAM, cardfiles or hieroglyphics, I (and a team of 3 people) will have it up and running in 6 months for A MEASLY $1.5 million. If the data has to be keyed in - thats extra people but not necessarily extra time. Ed Y. here is a lucrative contract just waiting!!

Want to bet these PHMs are NOT software people?

-- RD. ->H (, March 29, 1999.

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