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Does anyone have any experience with the water storage bag being sold at this website:

It's a blue plastic bag holding 200 gal.

Any feedback appreciated.

Link to site here

-- Puddintame (, March 29, 1999


Don't know anything about the bag, but sounds good at first glance. I DO know one thing: the final photo of the bag in action at the following link is pretty funny. Reminds me of the bed in the story book "The Princess and the Pea." LOL.

-- FM (, March 29, 1999.

Puddintane -

I ordered the 300 gallon bag. I received in in approximately 3 weeks. It came in an 8x8 box (very easy to store before you fill it). My credit card was not billed until it shipped.

You can buy a hand pump for easy retrieval, but I chose not to because it isn't that difficult to get the water back out.

I found the folks at the company very reliable and friendly. Including supplemental water bottles, I now have a 3 month water supply for my family with little to no effort.

Best of luck,


-- Roland (, March 29, 1999.

FM, thanks for that heads up. That photo sequence is a classic! Maybe New York City is in a lot better shape than we give it credit for!

-- Puddintame (, March 29, 1999.

'tane....I don't remember what tpart of the country you live in. But if there is a Coke plant or other drink or juice plant you should be able to get 55 gal food grade drums for about $6-10. You would be amazed at how much apple juice comes in from India and grape juice from Indonesia. Once the juice company in the US empties the barrels of concentrate they are not allowed to reuse. Another thing you can do is look in yellow pages for "drums" and call them. They quite often have the plastic food/juice drums too. Also call around to any food processing companies .If there are agriculture newpapers available you will quite often find someone selling them in the classifieds. I have never had a problem getting them. Get the ones that have the spout rather than the whole top coming off. And don't forget to get a hand pump so that you can just pump out what you need. Pump then goes to next drum. Its very simple and if you live in or around a city its very easy to find them. Let you fingers do the walking.

Got phone book??

-- Taz (, March 29, 1999.

Puddintame - I bought two of the 200g bags plus the hand pump. Ordered in January and they arrived in about 3 weeks. I don't plan on filling them until the late fall so I haven't seen them in action yet. The bags come in a box the size of a small toaster oven so storage is no problem. They are supposed to be extra strong, provided they are kept out of direct sun. I plan to fill them in my basement (so they better be tight!). There is a hose attachment, so I will have a plumber change the faucet in my basement to make filling easier.

-- Brooks (, March 29, 1999.

Brooks: After the water has been emptied, is the 200-gal. bag constructed so there is a way to open it to air it out? e.g. so it can dry out and not get moldy inside?

-- Debbie (, March 29, 1999.

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