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(1) Here is where you post an answer to this message (question) and I will email you the password and the instructions on how to use as a file library uploading files. Those joining in the maintaince of the library will be able to upload files and edit the Web pages involved using their Web browsers.

When you have the password go to:

(2) Volunteers to develop and participate in the presenation of the INET-901 online continuing education course should check in here. Leave a note (reply to this question :) with your information about yourself and indicate your interests in helping us put the couse on. If you are also interested in study groups and work groups using Internet resources for on-line collaboration, make mention of that as well.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 1999


Response to Continuing Education Course check in to help with course

I will help as my schedule allows. Jerry Author of The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers (ABA 1999)

-- Anonymous, March 28, 1999

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