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I am fairly new to the internet. I used made up Email and name so I wouldn't get unwanted spam (I think that is the word you use)in a response to earlier k1 question. After I posted a whole list of names appeared. Do answers and questions from this site go to all of these sites? I read the ealier post from Mr. Yourdon, but I don't think I undersood it all. I didn't see anything to shut off Email responses. Is it ok to use made up Email address and name?? Sorry for all the questions after lurking and being quiet for so long, but I am a newbie trying to learn! Please explain this to me in simple terms. Seems like this site is growing!!! Thanks

-- hilltopper (, March 28, 1999



Chuck's advice is correct. If you had decided to use a pseudonum of "", then it would have been important for you to ensure that "" was not a legitimate Internet domain. However, while there are Internet domains ending in .com, .gov, .mil, .org, and a bunch of others, there aren't any (to my knowledge) ending in .now -- so you should be safe.

What I meant about email alerts is the fact that you can scroll down to the very bottom of the (very very long) list of topic threads ... and at the very end, you'll see a couple of explanatory notes, including this text:

"If you want to follow this discussion by email, click here to add an alert. "

Clicking on the hyperlink takes you to another page, where you can indicate whether you want an "instant" alert -- i.e., an email message generated for EACH forum posting -- or a daily, biweekly, or weekly alert. But if you've got a phony pseudonym, you run the risk of having these alerts sent to some poor, innocent sysop at a real Internet domain. If you pick a totally non-existent pseudonym (which you've done), then the attempt to generate these "alerts" will bounce back to MY email address ... grrr, grumble, growl ... but after a few of these bounced messages, I'll track you down on the "administrator" section of the site, and I'll use my secret Batman key-ring decoder to disable your alerts.

Hope this explains it all...


-- Ed Yourdon (, March 28, 1999.


You arte using a pseudonym which is OK because it can't go to a real place. the problem was with some folks who were using things like, which happens to exist.

In terms of turnoing off teh response in the initial post, i think this MAY have been taken care of, as I thought I would be receiving the responses e-mailed to me from a post of mine yesterday and I'm not. No big deal as far as I'm concerned but, now we have to actually LOOK at the screen again. (LOL)


-- Chuck, a night driver (, March 28, 1999.

Hilltopper and Ed.... After reading the post about the email alerts, I followed the advice of Sysman and registered at yahoo. Should take care of any problems that I might be responsible for. I get tired of spam and I mentioned what happened on the other BB. By the way Ed, thanks for being patient.

-- Lobo (, March 28, 1999.


-- Randolph P.McMurphy (, April 02, 1999.

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